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  1. Arlington, VA Single Explosion Vancouver NA Great Whales of the Sea X-Rated Born Losers Im a Window Silent Army Black Helicopters Apparitions Weapon ----------- Giant Deep6 intro Empty's Theme Park True Love
  2. They'll also likely have pre-signed Vancouver CDs and whatnot there for purchase as they did in LA. Probably might get in on that since I only have an iTunes copy
  3. Oh and Empty's Theme Oark was sung in a different key which made it pretty interesting.
  4. LA set in order: Nights Like Tonight Avalanche Whales Load me up (Love Will Tear Us Apart) Boy Who Could Explode Born Losers Fought to Fight It Apparitions Weapon Giant Timebomb empty's Theme park (cue crazy girl getting on stage and hugging him, very
  5. Also, "Vancouver National Anthem" and "Empty's Theme Park" have a horrendous skipping sound playing throughout...like when you try to play a heavily scratched CD...guhh contacted Apple about it
  6. Of course it's only 48kbs bit rate, so it's really just to get you through to October
  7. Yes it works, and you can pause and scrub!!! And if you are a crafty enough iPhone user, you can download the file and do what you wish (break up tracks, etc.) and listen on your own time, but I don't condone nor condemn this.
  8. "If I was a Tidal Wave" not "Breath of a Nation"
  9. Me and a few other caught the soundcheck..."Born Loser", "Can't Explain" and a bit of "Primetime D..."...Then the show itself...FANTASTIC!
  10. This no ticket policy is a headfuck...Should I leave this early and risk looking like a tool being that early or wait it out?
  11. I sure as shit hope you have a big "88" stitched into the back of it, in honor of the greatest Nordique that never was. Yeah I don't know what time I'll walk over, maybe 7:30ish for victuals and spirits.
  12. Absolutely not, but I thought, "meh, what the hell." I kid.
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