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  1. make sure your firewall is opening the certain ports needed for torrents...
  2. thats the extended part of Under The Influence that they played circa 2003
  3. [hide_me]Here is the recording ENJOY!!![/hide_me]
  4. i'm working on it right now.. should be done by the end of today
  5. thats nothing new man.... every concert I've been to in my life always has a few idiots.... for example, at hamilton show there was a caveman behind me who felt like screaming out phrases like, "Matt good I want your babies".. The group of ppl he was with thought it was hilarious and kept telling him to do it more..... I felt like turning around and punching him in the face.
  6. i'll let you know when its ready
  7. For anyone interested... [hide_me]HERE is the recording[/hide_me] Disc 1 01. Girl Wedged Under The Front Of A Firebird 02. I Am Not Safer Than A Bank 03. Champions of Nothing 04. Avalanche 05. *Banter* 06. Born Losers 07. *Banter* 08. Silent Army In The Trees 09. Black Helicopter 10. *Banter* 11. Empty Road 12. *Banter* 13. She's In It For The Money 14. *Banter* 15. I'm A Window 16. 99% Of Us Is Failure Disc 2 01. *Banter* 02. Load Me Up 03. Strange Days 04. Tripoli 05. *Banter* 06. Apparitions 07. *Encore Break & Banter* Encore 08. Suburbia 09. Pledge Of Allegiance 10. It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man 11. True Love Will Find You In The End
  8. please only make mp3's if it's for your own personal use.. for example... your Ipod. to convert flac to wav files, you can use flac frontend. Then theres a million programs to convert wav to mp3.
  9. Here is my version of the show [hide_me]My recording[/hide_me]
  10. well done vedder..... I'm in the process of editing my recording of the show... i'll be throwing it on zomb as well when it's done... tomorrow i will be taping the sarnia show.
  11. pintosack

    London Show?

    no, i didn't bother... although i'm going to 3 more shows, so if they are still opening then perhaps i'll tape them too
  12. pintosack

    London Show?

    here it is [hide_me]ZOMB[/hide_me] you'll need an account first to download it..... enjoy
  13. pintosack

    London Show?

    yes... i'll have it ready in a few hours
  14. pintosack

    Mg Hub?

    Here is the website that explains everything . clickhere
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