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  1. Running for Home has worked for me. Trust me.
  2. marik


    leaked tracklisting?
  3. marik

    Book Readings

    could someone send it to marik2k@hotmail.com
  4. no one copied down the Final night of the tour in vancouver setlsit?!?!
  5. can someone post that setlist from the last Vancouver show of the recent tour? i believe he played every song that he had played over the tour. something like 2.5 hrs? crazy!
  6. THANKS! i appricate the good work
  7. i see that there are no tabs in the archieve, so i'm just wondering if anyone transcribed them themselves and are holding out on us....
  8. so i bought one the other day, but was rather turned off by the idea of extra warrenty for $70! so i said no, then the cashier preceeded to tell me that i cant expect to run with it or take it to the gym or anything like that and that she sees 30% of them get brought back with problems and that the normal Apple warrenty that comes with it doesnt cover alot of things. she was scaring me about it, now i am worried. anyone have an issues with their video Ipod or hear any horror stories?
  9. i live in edmonton,but i know absolutly nothing baout the electrican trade here. if you have any other questions about normal life here, i can answer them for you
  10. i cant belieev someone said Bright End of Nowhere
  11. marik

    Lotga Credits

    why is Dave Genn credited with "organ/rhodes"? what is rhodes? and did he not play any guitar?
  12. my guess about "do it while the worlds awake" line was that maybe it meant they work in these production lines in bad conditions, while the world (the important countries US, europe) are in a different time zone (just waking up, or day time, over on the other side of the world)
  13. ok, i found a previous thread regarding this that names Alert Status Red, In Love, Buffalo Seven. these are all for WLRR. but didnt he say he had to go back for the last 3 albums and write new material? or what about the other albums?
  14. how exactly are the lyrics in this song detailing the bad conditionf of the workers? i'm not doubting it, i am just stupid at this moment
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