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  1. Apologizes if this has been posted before For Calgary Prebuy password Vancouver On Thurs 17 10am-10pm (I assume local time)
  2. There is also the issue that increasingly more and more ISP are using Deep Packet Inspection to shape their traffic. AHHH TECHNO JIBBER-JABBER! WTF does that mean? It means that ISP's are using technology to look at the packets (chunks of the information you've requested from the internet that are being sent to you) to determine what exactly those packets are part of. Heres the shit-kicker when they detect P2P transfers you get throttled and achieve lower download speeds. I used to be able to max my torrents at around 500kbs now I'm lucky if I get 300
  3. Sorry if you've already found a solution. But from what I can tell you're trying to get a method for determining what a user has viewed correct? The problem with a comma separated list, is it will become increasingly labour intensive to go through the list as the list continues to grow. The reality of the fact is, as a web-ap developer if you can do any sort of optimization inside of MySQL you should (sure there are some exceptions but we'll ignore them). LOL not to comment on your coding skills, but the DATABASES have a lot more optimization of code than you'll ever be able to put
  4. Okay WTF was with those clues Sci-Fi Channel posted?? When I saw that 1 pic on Dee's locker and given the play time she was getting I thought it made sense, that she was the 5th. Then.... well you know if you saw the episode. So now knowing the fifth, looking back at the clues. The clues still make no sense.
  5. First off unplug the wireless router and leave it unplugged for 10-15 seconds. Plug it back in. Does the wireless work now again? Are there any other wireless networks in range that you can try to connect to? What happens when you plug your computer into the router using ethernet instead of wireless? Can you surf the net? What about plugging directly into the modem?
  6. THanks Dan! I totally forgot about the webisodes! #2 is up
  7. Seriously, you keep making this point but that doesn't make it true. Thats the beauty of Canadian politics, we have more than 2 parties, and CANNOT make the distinction that you're trying to make. We cannot lump everyone into Conservative or non Conservative. Its not Tories VS everyone else. Its not East Canada VS West Canada, nor is it Canada VS Quebec. Speaking as one of that, what'd you call us?? Rubes. As a "Rube" I have to say that your elitest attitude (eg calling westerners Rubes) is the exact sort of attitude that has caused consternation out here. A couple elections
  8. Lol most Albertans laugh at the Alberta separatist party. Its nothing taken truly seriously. The people who do are still just bitter over the NEP.
  9. It was said when the picture from the 7th clue came out, was that it would tell you everything that you needed to know to figure out who the cylons were. Stupid me, I just noticed something. The picture has a very similar form to DaVinci's last supper painting EXCEPT there are 2 less people. Prepahs there is a clue in, not who's in the picture but who's missing from the picture. The one figure (based of peoples positions) that is missing is Judas, and I don't know who the other guy would be. hmmmm
  10. That is why as Canadians we tend to vote more along party lines, and for the leader of that party than our individual ridings MP's. You'd hope that they could all work together, after this is Canada where we pride ourselves on our co-operational skills.
  11. Under the Canadian constitution we do in fact vote for MP's not PM's. But that is not how the majority of Canadians vote. The fact of the matter is that we are not given a choice for who our individual party candidates are in our riding we are given only the one choice, and cause MP's for the most part are forced by the whip to follow party lines, especially in confidence matters we are essentally voting for the party over the MP. Take it one step further ask random people on the street most people wont know who their MP was, or who they voted for MP, but they'll be able to tell you w
  12. THIS JUST IN!!!!!! NHL Coalition Having decided that the Detroit Redwings technically won the 2008 Stanley Cup, the Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers and Dallas Stars have formed a coalition demanding a three way ownership of the league title. Rational for their decision revolves around their total combined scoring in the 2008 Semi-Finals, their total share of season ticket holders versus the Detroit Redwings and their horror at discovering the Detroit Redwings are using a more cost effective and efficient but non-union made Silver polish to keep the Stanley Cup gleaming. T
  13. Thats a fallacy. There are distinct difference's between all the party's. Blocs really only platform issue, is "Get as much for Quebec and threaten to break up the country" Liberals and the Green, agreed on environmental issues (eg carbon tax) but not on the extent of tax. Greens would shut down oil sands, liberal wouldn't. Fiscally the Greens tend to be more similar to the Tories than the Liberals and NDP. Under the NDP, despite having just been laid off from my job, I'm still a "rich Canadian" Liberals tend to be more reasonable when it comes to taxation. Heck the only
  14. Dont know if this is a bug but its unclear functionality There's 2 quote buttons? The right one seems to take you to a reply form with just the one post quoted. The other seems to add/remove posts from being quoted when you click "Add Reply" (I think) *EDIT* Can someone else confirm this bug? Not sure how to reproduce. But playing around with the +/- Quote button I some how got it to include posts from more than 1 thread. HMMMM can't reproduce it again...
  15. I dont think that it's a fair comparison. Sweden has a proportional representation system, and such systems lend themselves a lot more to minority governments. TBH I'm not sure where I stand on this, I DONT like the Liberals an NDP, I dont think that Dion would make a good PM in anyways shapre or form. But the reality of the fact is that coalition governments tend to better repersent the will of the people. They are forced to work together as opposed to doing whatever the fuck they want. What I am very worried about this coalition is that they are giving way WAY too much power
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