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  1. am i the only one that thinks that the end of this song is overly derivative of U2? i hope he decides to ditch the guitar riff at the end and finds an aesthetic that hasn't been beaten to death like that has
  2. my top 3 would Sunset Rubdown's Random Spirit Lover, The National's Boxer, and Kevin Drew's Spirit If..., one of those three without a doubt
  3. satan satan satan satan satan satan satan satan satan said DANCE!
  4. well a demo is just to get the feel right? once there's an underlying essence of the song, matt can really reflect and get solid lyrics out, really that's the best way to write for song
  5. matt good's audio of being gets my pick, starts off with that angry rush and jolt you usually get with a little taste of liquor and then gets so introspective that you don't even realize you're on the floor royally gone
  6. somehow i got all of apartment story by the national memorized, and it's awesome: hold still for a second while i try and try to pin your flowers on lalalala can you carry my drink, i have everything else i can tie my tie all by myself i'm getting tied, i'm forgetting why hold ourselves together with our arms around the stereo for hours lalalala while it sings to itself or whatever it does while it sings to itself of it's long lost loves i'm getting tied, i'm forgetting why tired and wired we ruin too easy sleep in our holes and wait for winter to leave but i'll be with you behind the couch when they come on a different day, just like this one we'll stay inside 'till somebody finds us do whatever the tv tells us stay inside our rosy minded thoughts, for days so worry not, all things are well we'll be alright we have our looks and perfume on
  7. i gotta turn it on, and listen all the way through to the end. and then it's gone, or at least temporarily so...
  8. would love the acoustic version of load me up if someone knows it...
  9. it would be great to see him get the recognition he deserves down there, but perhaps there's something about his sound/approach that is distinctly Canadian, I think of the Tragically Hip here, a great band that just couldn't seem to break in down south. we really shouldn't need to look to the states for validation though, he's tearing it up northside and i think that's enough validation in itself.
  10. gotta go raygun, when it's cleaned up and amped up it gets the extra kick it needs
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