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  1. Donkey Sanctuary Share with the family Suite in Paris near the Louvre Something, somewhere in Italy Blow the rest, I guess. Maybe the ebay death star for Joel if he's nice.
  2. I don't want to attack people who eat meat. That doesn't do any good. I just mostly wish people would at least be aware of what they're eating. The arrogant comments are really hard to take when you realize what an animal has had to go through to be someone's dinner.
  3. Kat, you're so beautiful! Hugz and get better pronto!!
  4. Well said, Jon. I cannot believe how people buy into the pr crap. Just too lazy to think? Or do they have such hatred in their hearts they love to see their government torturing people?
  5. What else is new? All I can do is shake my head.
  6. Behond what the media says there's the truth of the matter too. Bush and his bastard buddies went against the United Nations and fucking well invaded a country that has nothing to do with anything except they happen to be brown like Bin Laden. What if the group that attacted on 9/11 happened to be 'multi cultural'? Would the US have attacked Canada? Or maybe Belgium? Bush sucks. I hate the motherfucker. There is no media corp in the world that could make me like him.
  7. I wish I could vote more than once for this poll. I hate when people compare animals to vegies. Shows their own cabbage headed mentality, imho. Animals have nervous systems and hearts and lungs and livers etc just like us. Doctors have even tried cross species transplants. That's how close we are. We own land here and I was thinking of raising pastured pork for market. I send away to the gov. for a course on how to raise pigs. I scored 98% btw. But what I saw in the course was horrifying. You see the feed cost is a big part of raising meat so if you can keep them from moving it lowers the cost. So tiny cages to keep them from moving are recommended. Plus you can cram a lot more animals in a building that way. It's so cruel it's beyond comprehension. All for the almighty dollar. I was at a friend's place for dinner one time. My old man went out with the rancher to check on the cows. They raised beef cattle and it was getting close to calving time. The guys never came back so we went and found them in the barn with a cow that was having a hard time birthing her babe. So the farmer, Den reached inside the cow and put this contraption on the baby's front legs. It was a come-along of sorts. He started cranking on it trying to pull the babe out. Mom was mooing, obviously in pain, her eyes big and scared. She kept trying to lie down and we had to try to stop her. They had me try to hold her up by the tail. Den kept cranking on the baby until we heard the baby's legs snap. When the babe finally did come out he was dead and then mom prolapsed all over. That's when the uterus and intestines fall out because of the mom having to push so hard. It all fell into the straw which Den then pushed all back inside her and sewed her up. She was kept alive to go to market because she's still worth some money that way. That was the first of many mothers on that farm. The breeder of the cows had made a mistake and bred too large a bull to too young a cow. These are only two stories. They go on and on. Eating meat = causing suffering. Unless you hunt and always kill on the first shot, you shouldn't eat meat. Actually, you still shouldn't. Just my two cents.
  8. Isn't that nuts? I heard it on the news. Man, if I could make a law for every time something wasn't going my way...
  9. Well, that's probably the best we can hope for. sigh
  10. Tati


    You did it in your parent's bed?? Woah! That seems creepy to me, but I'm probably just easily creeped out. Or not. My parent's know I've smoked pot but they have no idea of anything else. hehe
  11. So what's the point of all this? Did you ask her out?
  12. I don't dress 'slutty' and I'm not stacked. In fact one of my bosses was one of the worst for staring at my boobs. I got the nerve up to ask him what he was staring at and he said 'nothing!' and laughed. What jerk! You guys are the real sluts! hehe
  13. Sounds good, presidante! Those are Canadaian salmon, dammit!
  14. It's a mess over there because the Brits went in, drew a line on a map and said there's the border. Imagine someone doing that to us. Why would we respect that? Briton has really fucked things over there. The US and Briton have been meddling in other countries' business for way to long. And why do they have two votes instead of one in the UN? I'd like to see them get no votes for a while and see how things change. But then again they step against the UN and no one says squat. We need rules that apply equally for everyone.
  15. Multicultural guns? lol I say the democrats all move to Hawaii, take it over and then give it to Canada. Then they'd have something to contribute.
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