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  1. Teenage Wrist - Earth is a Black Hole The album, and the song. If you've never listened to them before they are a fantastic new band. Some of the best rock music I've heard in years and they only have 2 albums.
  2. That's absolutely disgusting. None of the victims have claimed to not know Matt, they all have had real experiences with him. I don't know what kind of "evidence" you want that hasn't already been shown (emails, leaked DMs, him being dropped by Warner and his management). Look, it's fine if you want to continue to support Matt and listen to his music; no one's saying that you can't. It's not fine however, to belittle the victims like this. It's callous and unnecessary. I seriously hope that you think about why you're so reluctant to believe that even one of these stories could be
  3. I've waited a long time before speaking my mind on this, but I just want to chime in with what little I have to offer. One of the few interactions I've had with Matt still irks me a little. In the grand scheme of things it's really minor, but it affected me nonetheless. It's from the comments section of a Facebook post from over a decade ago. I was only 14 at the time when I made the comment, and my profile photo was very obviously that of a little kid. Looking back at the way I worded that comment I can see how he would have thought I was trying to be rude, but I genuinely was saying that it
  4. Happy new year to you Anton! Thank you for everything that you've done for the community over the years!
  5. Grabbed a pair for myself and my dad. 20$ CAD each for me. Great price for 2 hours of music!
  6. Looks like Matt is planning to do some live stream concerts in the future. This could be interesting!
  7. Wow, I'm in love with the Subversive Literature art (and a nice Radio Bomb callback too)! Really puts my custom art to shame haha. Thank you so much for sharing these with us!
  8. Ryan also does vocals on Vancouver National Anthem if I remember correctly. I'm sure there is other work that the two have worked on that we've forgotten as well.
  9. I saw this on Matt's Insta and thought I'd share it. As much as I want to see him (bought two tickets and two VIP tickets for Victoria), I really think it would be better for himself and for everyone else if he postpones. It's not worth the risk. Victoria just announced its first case yesterday, but one person being confirmed means that there could be who knows how many infected, and on an island where nearly 20% of the population are over 65, things could get rough really quickly if it spreads. Maybe he can do a skype "tour" from his him haha. **from his house tried to edi
  10. Hi there! Yes, both are still in existence, although the store has not been updated for a while. Welcome back to The Bored!
  11. I've got tickets and VIP for both Victoria dates and bought my dad a ticket to the Nanaimo show as well. So thankful to have a job that will both allow me to afford and attend these shows. Two years ago there'd be no way of me seeing him twice, let alone VIP twice!
  12. No, that one was the animated music video. I'm not sure what the one Bit was referring to is but it wasn't the In A Coma one.
  13. Its very strange, isn't it? I don't get why he chose that venue either. Royal McPherson and Alix Goolden must have already been booked.
  14. I quite enjoyed it. I haven't seen a music video of his that used lighting this well in a while, it was very refreshing to see. I noticed that the description says the album is called "Moving Walls". It's an interesting title and I'm curious to know how that plays in to the broader context of the album.
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