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  1. I have never heard of this "Globes" track but would love to listen! Any chance you could put it up in the Lounge?
  2. Grabbed a photo of the pedal board from tonight's VIP show. I also asked Matt a question about how to market my band and after the photo op was done he asked me to send him a copy of it. I had a cd of it in my car so I went out and grabbed that for him. Now Matt owns the first copy of our EP outside of my band and our family!!
  3. Are any of you guys doing VIP? What sort of questions do you think you'll be asking Matt?
  4. I hope the formatting isn't off here. I copied the lyrics from the post the demo had while it was still up. Here are the ones that Matt put up. Sit atop a mountain Listen with a soup can In the south he’s not a liar Just the leader of a bad band That in Europe get together An in secret praise the people That my grandad fought in the lowlands At the Scheldt got shot to pieces So they could rehash their allegiance To a national convenience That preys on easy difference You know fear it’s just a weakness And ya, it’s been one of them years Well the poor they’re there to pity But only from a distance Pull on your tender heart strings The price of an every day existence Emma Lazarus was wrong Fuck your teeming huddled parasitics Somehow kids from Nicaragua Well they’re invading West Virginia Maybe they’re looking for Ollie North Maybe what you got you get it in you I seem to remember things that mattered That no longer count as anything And ya, it’s been one of them years Oh the sea ain’t really rising baby You’re just getting shorter Never mind the science Them vaccinations cause dysphoria And them pictures of the planet They’ve been doctored So it looks like a place akin to heaven But only from a distance Nobody likes your headscarf But they wear masks in the resistance Who don’t really have any answers But they’re great at pointing fingers And ya, it’s been one of them years You can only fool the people The other half the time we’re sleeping So that’s pretty much the bag And bag men never want for reasons So drinks are on the house Because the house always wins And baby you know that I’ve wasted a lot of time A lot of time just thinking When thinking’s overrated Compared to reactionary blinking So I’m sitting here reflecting On what I could’ve done And ya, it’s been one of them years Sit atop a mountain Listen with a soup can For a distant whistle Buy a dog so he can And ya it’s been one of them years
  5. This one sounds great! I'm pretty excited for the tour now! I wonder how many new songs he'll play?
  6. I still stand by my belief that Hornets should have gone as the lead single in place of In A Place (haha) and I firmly believe that For and Against could have slid in instead of Extraordinary Fades. Lights is and probably will always be my favourite of his albums but the inclusions of those songs would have made it a perfect album imo.
  7. I don't have AOB but remember that he wanted All Together to come either after or in place of Anti-Pop. I do however have White Light. 1. Put Out Your Lights 2. Poor Man's Grey 3. We're So Heavy 4. It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man 5. Hopeless 6. Little Terror 7. North American For Life 8. Ex-Pats Of The Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra 9. Empty Road 10. Blue Skies Over Badlands
  8. I always do VIP; love the intimacy of it. Didn't bother trying for front row though, didn't want to risk not being able to resell the tickets, haha. I've bought four now so I don't really want the risk on that many.
  9. Hey, we are. I got 20-22 haha. Are you going to VIP too?
  10. acoustic worked for me for the Victoria presale. Snagged 3 tickets in the center of Row D.
  11. No word on any Vancouver Island shows at all yet, eh? I wonder if he's not wanting to do the island anymore.
  12. How does the radio edit differ on that cd? Any chance of sharing the tracks in The Lounge?
  13. Jessafur

    RIP Marcella

    Marcy and I had talked about meeting up at some point to have coffee and just talk. She was new to Vancouver Island then and it just never ended up happening. She and I talked on The Bored quite often though and she was always the first to help critique my bands music. I wish that there were a way in which I could have done more to help her; I knew that she was struggling with mental illness as her and I talked about our mental health together to help one another. She was an incredibly kind person and her absence will always be present, but I hope that she was able to find peace in where she was. You will be missed Marcy. May you rest well.
  14. Jessafur


    Hmm, that's interesting. I have never worked in palliative care so I can't speak on the behalf of those who have, but I do have an almost complete reversal of what you described with exception to myself. I do not fear my own death, but I do everyone else who I care about. For myself, I envision death as being equivalent to a deep, dreamless sleep wherein you are unaware of all that surrounds you and cannot even process your own consciousness. Because of the way I view death I am not left with anxiety towards my own, but rather just those around me. I don't know how to cope with loss of the individuals I care about thinking that they simply slip away into nothingness. For those I did not ever know I simply see it as a fact of life, same goes for animals. It eventually happens, so why not desensitize yourself to it? As long as in doing so you can continue to be a kind, loving person I fail to see it as a problem. My mother used to work at a Hospice where she helped my friend's father pass, and to her that was the death that stung the most. Other ones to her were all sad, but she also saw both sides to it where the ones who had died no longer had to suffer or worry. I hope my rambling made sense haha
  15. Adam, you are a God among men for doing this for all of us, as well as everything else you've done in the past. I cannot thank you enough for what you have offered out to this community; it means the world to me as I'm sure it does everyone else. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all of your outstanding contributions here!
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