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  1. Is the Army of Lions song posted on the previous page from a demo or in the studio?
  2. Another one just went up called Army of Lions.
  3. Stu for sure - the Vancouver tour was super sonic!
  4. Cool track. I keep wanting to hear vocals kick into certain parts.
  5. Yeah I'm sure he ripped through the Saskatoon set and kept the banter at a minimum because of the rtards yelling. Although the "Where we going ---- higher" part when he was talking about Telemiracle was pure gold.
  6. I paid $64.00 for section ORCH, row BB, seat 27 at TCU Place in Saskatoon. Hope the seats are good cause I wasn't expecting to pay that much.
  7. I got a signed copy. Also got the confirmation email.
  8. I think this is the proper setlist in order in Saskatoon --- 1)Champions Of Nothing 2)Single Explosion 3)Odette 4)Born Losers 5)The Devils In Your Details 6)Load Me Up 7)Put Out Your Lights 8)Blue Skies Over Badlands 9)Black Helicopter 10)I'm A Window 11)99% Of Us Is Failure 12)Apparitions 13)Weapon Encore 14)Giant 15)Hello Time Bomb 16)Automatic 17)Girl In The War
  9. The Odeon has better acoustics then say the Prairieland in Saskatoon where Matt played last with a band.
  10. tickets to the Saskatoon show... and at the Odeon which is such a great place for this show... any clue about an opening band?
  11. Nice Saskatoon and Regina, road trip time and it's early summer can't be better.
  12. shindig

    New Demos

    The Volcanoes song is my favorite song right now. What a good song. I hope he plays this song live on his next tour.
  13. better come to Saskatoon, I don't see why he wouldn't - sold out last time and a protest
  14. I always miss these... damn work, as before please share.
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