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  1. On my first few listens I was pretty underwhelmed, however now that I have had time to digest the album I am absolutely loving it. It is not going to make anyone a Matt Good fan, however for those who love his work this album is a real treat that I am very grateful to be experiencing.
  2. The original Descent was fantastic. As i recall it was an attempt to take first person shooters to the next level.
  3. I cannot remember my first card but the second card i got TNT Ultra2 rocked my world.
  4. I loved the universe but found it tough as well.
  5. Its amazing how many times the attempt to improve the fighting/control systems and it ends up worse!
  6. I think i got three episodes into this and stopped. I do hear that it really picks up in the back end of the season though.
  7. Hear is hoping the soundtrack is good as well.
  8. Next on my watch list. Several people have told me it is very good.
  9. Lets hope the new one is a little more original:)
  10. For such a good actress usually it was very strange.
  11. They do have distinct and different eras that is for sure. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.
  12. Oh gawd, yeah i forgot about Foster! Lets just hope when Blomkamp gets the all clear to proceed with Alien 5 its a true return to form.
  13. I've gotta agree. I think his contribution post MGB is way stronger.
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