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  1. awesome. that actually made me all teary-eyed...! good for you. i definitely think Matt would appreciate it. more please! ;)
  2. So I saw Pat playing with Wil at the Phoenix on Thursday night...anyone there? The show was amazing, the two of them completely rocked out. It was REALLY strange though to see Pat playing sans Matt, Rich, etc... Kinda sad, cuz I realized that we'll probably never see the 4 of them play together again... But I guess change is inevitable right?
  3. hey, can anyone confirm with certainty what's being said about the 'band'? i.e. rich and christian being fired?! and who is rich, apparently he's one of the regulars there...?
  4. OMG I'm totally not a fan of Matt/Jen-bashing, but that thread is FREAKIN hilarious... I'm about halfway through....dying here.
  5. Blue Skies hands down.
  6. Haha.. this 'poor thin Matt' is of a few years ago now.. I take it you haven't seen any recent pics of him? Let's just say he's filled out a bit... lol Jen must be feeding him well.
  7. I REALLY like this band. OMG Brandon Flowers is like, so hot! but enough of that, i'm no longer 16... anyway, all i knew of them was Somebody Told Me, and I'd just started hearing Mr. Brightside.. Then I bought the CD for my niece for xmas and decided to burn myself a copy...hehe.. so I thought I'd give it a listen... 3 weeks later, it's STILL in my stereo.. I love it! 'Jenny Was A Friend of Mine' - best song on the CD, by FAR! The bass in that song is Amazing...
  8. Oh yeah.. sorry.. http://www.jennifergood.blogspot.com/ I guess this will be our new source of info now that Matt's all anti-internet!!
  9. Just came across this post on Jenni's blog: New York, New York? So, Matt and I have been really giddy with the thought of moving to Manhattan for a few months to gather inspiration. Another life long dream of mine. I find myself already searching for sublets. I honestly don't even want a nice apartment. I want something eclectic and real, something that has an interesting story behind it. We're gonna love it. The real question is: Will the puppies? I don't know how much grass there is in Manhattan, the boys will have to learn to pee on fire hydrants. I had a feeling that 2005 was going to be a great year. What the...?? I can totally understand them wanting to get away, have a change of scenery. But moving to Manhattan? That would really shock me...
  10. Well said Brooke. Who cares what someone's supposed motivation is in all this? The bottom line is that their efforts will help those in need.
  11. oye...why doesn't that surprise me? *rolls eyes* is that man never satisfied? why make a benefit such as this one look like a negative thing...? yes, it's a little late, and people wanting to make donations have probably done so long ago... but every little bit helps.
  12. Ooooooh, that's a toughie! I'll have to go with GIANT, with Man of Action coming a very close second... K-I-C-K-A-S-S!!!
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