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  1. It's a great album! Already listening to it on Spotify and I'm waiting for my signed copy. Does anyone know of any bonus tracks or alternative tracklistings? The spotify version has a second disc that is a bit like a 'best of', it's funny that stuff like that isn't really mentioned.
  2. I live in Germany and I've asked big record stores over here if they have anything by Matthew Good and it amazes me, really. Nada. They keep looking at the computer screen when they look for him and they only find things by Matthew Good Band and all those CDs aren't available either, so yes I think it's a good thing to release something in Europe. People need to be aware of MG over here, hardly anyone knows him here and that really annoys me, because frankly they are missing out on something truly amazing. Sure, you can grab some albums on iTunes, but I'd really like to buy a physical CD. The tracklisting of the compilation seems very promising, allthough I really don't get what 21st Century is doing there. Seems more like a fun experiment that fits well somewhere on an album like it did on Avalanche, but maybe that's just me....
  3. I love the 6 minute version of hornets. I love the piano and how it slowly starts and the entire feel of it.
  4. same problem here. I already have a canadian account on iTunes but there are hardly any gift cards available on eBay , which I find frustrating. ;)
  5. Is this the track that someone had to do, so it would make it on the queer as folk soundrack? I thought there was a dance remix for one of those compilations, could be wrong though.
  6. Amazon.ca is having problems. They sent me an email saying that it is delayed, kinda sounds like they don't know what's happening either, but ok. I can wait. Stream is still online, right? ;)
  7. I believe that everything was recorded live for this record (by looking at the credits from the songs that were posted on soundcloud). I can't confirm this though.
  8. I've got to say that I am very impressed with most of the album allthough I really don't know what to think about the opener 'Extraordinary Fades' and 'Lights of Endangered Species'. My absolute fav at the moment has to be 'Set Me On Fire', I abslutely love everything about that track. I thought I'd like to defend Zero Orchestra because I really like it. Someone said it sounded like a joke, I must say that I don't understand why. The lyrics are powerful and fun , the vocals are also full of energy just like the instrumentals. I'm still not sure where I should put this album on my ranking of favorite MG albums, but I would feel disappointed if this record would be unapreciated and underrated.
  9. damnit everybody is talking about the demos and I don't know where I can listen to them. ;) I listened to some of the songs and I must admit that it sounds very different , almost as if it's completly new territory. I'd love to hear more!
  10. Yes it was on the season 2 premiere, I found out on my second viewing. I love Anna Torv and John Noble as actors and when they speak in interviews. They seem so nice.
  11. I love Fringe and all the actors in it. I would actually love to see Mulder and/or Scully appear on Fringe (someone brought the x-files up so I just wanted to get that out there) ...
  12. SPOILERS AHEAD! The entire Rita thing would've been a good point to create a tension in the show. After episode 2 of season 5 they more or less dropped the possibility of investigating who Kyle Butler ist. Even after Quinn gave up for Deb's sake, I don't find it satisfying that no one seems to be even looking for Kyle Butler. It seems rather silly and I felt dissapointed because one of my favorite seasons was the second one because it had a great tension trhoughout. you just didn't want to stop looking. I thought season 5 was pretty good, but everything I was expecting was dropped including story material like the Fuentes brothers. Even one of the last scenes with Deb almost finding out about who Dexter really made me unhappy. How many more times will Deb be right in front of it and miss ist? She is such a smart cop, since she breaks almost EVERY case since season 1 and she still doesn't have a clue about Dexter? I hope season 6 surprises us in different ways.
  13. I love that one! But I also enjoy 'the devils's on roller skates' on Hello Time Bomb and here we go on Us Remains Impossible.
  14. Hello everyone, I ordered my copy of the new album on the canadian amazon store. I live in Germany. The iTunes bonus track version is only Canada-exclusive, right? Vancouver had 2 great bonus tracks that I would still love to buy but I can't because there is no way for me to succesfully buy the canadian itunes version, which kind of sucks , because I am willing to pay for it ;) . Regards, Pablo
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