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  1. Ha. Very suprising Matt had nothing to do with this, Warner def did their homework on this. Right up Matt's alley. Love the overall sound of this engineering-wise. Great tune. A number of first releases on Matt's recordings have ended up not being my favourites for some reason, but this one I really like! Bodes well possibly. Having said that, there is rarely a track ever that I would think of as substandard for Matt. He can virtually do no wrong in my books. It was Bones on the EP. It is Bones with Blake and Stu in the studio on this? Or even Matt on bass?
  2. Guns would be great and Pledge I'd be in ecstasy. Yes the bassist mystery is killing me too! The only reason not to reveal would be as a surprise - no? I'm thinking it could only have been Rich then...but Stu said no...
  3. Hey, did anyone find out who is playing bass on this tour? Keys? Just Blake and Stu confirmed so far correct?
  4. https://www.vividseats.com/mobile/Production.action?production.productionId=2204016 Keep in mind American prices but reputable site.
  5. Haha great idea. I liked Bill. My brother and I actually had an awkward interview with him. Lol. We met him in the washroom in TO and I dunkenly and innocently asked him what he was doing now ( I hadnt seen him interview anyone for a while at the time) and he was kind of offended saying he was doing production instead - didn't come across as too nice but then again he was accosted (to his mind) in a washroom...
  6. Wishful thinking but hey- anything of The Cure's Disintegration. The title track, Fascination Street, or Last Dance.
  7. Yep. Let's Get it On may be right up there with the original. Just me, or does anybody else hear any Disintegration-era Cure with this version of Suburbia? Original Suburbia may be my fav Matt tune and I love the direction the cover went in (and yes, I am one of those people satirized by South Park who thinks that Disintegration is best album ever). Actually, now that I think of it I'm going to jump over to the hopeful covers thread! Extremely hopeful...
  8. It is all so beautifully subjective. For what is worth, my favourites: Los Alamos- "I can hear your heartbeat on the other side of town" just gets me right in the chest. Literally changes my heartbeat. Army of Lions- top vocal performance for me, plus the production and engineering are the best on album for me- just sonically sounds best in the car! That bass line just drives the song and I love the atmospherics- reminiscent of AOB which I love the production on.. Cloudbusting- huge fan of Kate's and this song in particular. Covers can be so hit and miss for me even from my favourite artists-something sacred about some songs makes you reluctant to hear them being covered, so to hear Matt managed to stay fairly faithful to the original, yet still put his inimitable mark on it was perfect for me. Cold Water- love the guitar work and just my type of Matt tune tempo wise. Kid Down the Well/Tiger/Harridan all great and get honourable mention in terms of whole band performance.
  9. Wow. To have one of your absolute top favourite artists ever joining in on a blog and sharing personal/inside stories and insights is just incredible. What a privilege. I can never find the words. It is truly a visceral thing. When I actually did meet Matt I had a load of things to say, but just froze up and said a heart felt thank you! lol So thanks again!
  10. I'm actually a bassist but not surprisingly I'm hugely into drums and drumming as well ( it's all about the rhythm section ;) I totally agree about the drums on Avalanche- Pledge of Allegiance is just so majestic. Whenever I get a new stereo or subs or whatever, I always test it out with that. WWWHR and Near Fantastica are amazing on that album too. It may be really difficult to reproduce Pat's sound without the expensive studio compressors and whatever analog techniques they may have utilized like miking arrangements/room mikes etc. They may have used treatments like reverb and delay as well. I can hear a lot of reverb on his drums and especially the cymbals Although they did sound great live at the time when I saw them 2003 or so at Kool Haus in Toronto- they opened up with Pledge and blew my mind. So there is a way to approximate the studio sound live but they would also mike the drums live and be able to run them through effects too. I have spent a lot of time with pedals trying to emulate bass tones for covers I play and it is very hard when you consider that sound engineers can double parts, add in keyboard parts and different cab simulations and things when the original signal was just the bass clean straight into the board. Anyway, point is you can try the taping method but you'll probably have to be satisfied with coming reasonably close to your desired tone with an acoustic set unmiked. Now there is always electronic drums...but that is another kettle of fish :)
  11. Haha. Missed this earlier. We shall see... :) Love to hear him rock Ride.
  12. Ah, I missed that playlist he made- thanks. Will check it out. Yes Lana is amazing. She seems really authentic to me. No Max Martin writing those tunes for her. She genuinely struggled with nerves in live performances and wore her heart on her sleeve.
  13. I like to wonder who his favourite artists are and sometimes think we have similar tastes. We are roughly same age, English ex pats ( I'm Liverpool supporter, he's Arsenal but I'll let him off on that). DM was my fav band as a young teen and he did Enjoy the Silence. Kate Bush is one of my fav artists and I was so so surprised and pleased he did that too. I def think he's a Radiohead fan. I also love Explosions in the Sky and post-rock atmospheric stuff like Sigur Ros and I love Non-Populous for having a bit of that influence. I also hear some Peter Gabriel at times- I would be blown away if he did Games Without Frontiers or Mercy Street.
  14. Dave McMillan with just announced Big Wreck tour this winter... Hey, Coutts would be great- just read he never came up with that grooving Naveed bassline- joined just after. However, my fav OLP bassline is his -One Man Army- so he's qualified in my opinion!
  15. Dave McMillan is a fantastic bassist. He has to be one of the top Canadian bass players. I have seen him play many shows with Big Wreck. Funny knack I have for meeting these top bassists. I play bass in bands that have played this small rock bar with a great vibe The Hideout in TO (sadly just closed down). Well, once I went there for a beer after rehearsal and to my surprise see Milos Angelov up there with a cover band just making some extra cash ( he is one funky bassist when letting loose!) Nice guy too. Would love to have him back as well. Next time I was in, it was the bassist for band Magic playing with a casual band on a Wed night calling themselves The Undercovers. I did the same thing again 6 months later and its Dave McMillan playing up there on a last minute sub-in with local band Disco Rebels. Ha, From what I recall I was a bit drunk and talked his ear off after all things bass. Top bassist. Just last night I was at our usual Polson Pier rehearsal spot and I get talking to Kenneth Cunningham who turns out to be bassist on platinum selling Edwin album from late nineties. And he got to play with a certain Blake on that album! Ha! I just know its got to be Geddy next!!!
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