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  1. I’m really liking how Boobytrapped has been an early staple of the setlists so far. I look forward to seeing the rescheduled dates when health officials have a handle on this. I‘m glad that MG, the band, the crew, and all of the attendees will be minimizing risk of exposure by having the tour put on hold.
  2. I forgot to mention it in my earlier post, but the eerie sound that runs through a Thousand Tons seems very similar to the one he used on All Together. The only difference seems to be the pitch, which is much higher on All Together. Did anybody else notice this? I really appreciate those types of atmospheric additions to studio recordings. Also, the end of Dreading It is very reminiscent of Lights for me, due to the strumming of chords on the acoustic guitar and the blaring horns. I love it This album also has me wondering what sort of setlists he’ll be constructing. If he goes into
  3. After listening to the album multiple times, I feel confident saying that it’s my favourite since Lights of Endangered Species. I was sort of taken aback by what Matt wrote about seeing dissatisfaction in the audience during the Lights tour. I loved those shows. I thought they rose way beyond just a mere musical performance. They were theatrical. The opening trio of songs at some of them (the piano version of While We Were Hunting Rabbits, Lights of Endangered Species, and The Boy Who Could Explode) was probably the most epic way to kick off any show I’ve ever seen by anyone. I still list
  4. Incredibly written and produced record. Hats off to Matt and the rest of the team that made this one happen.
  5. Well, my friends, I'm finally done my 10 show Alberta odyssey. It was such a great month full of memorable moments. In general, meeting new people and seeing familiar faces along the way had to be the joint highlight of this journey for me. Random highways, dozens of podcasts, giant transmission towers, seedy motels, hole in the wall bars, and lush Airbnbs stitched it all together. There were vastly different venues - from a bar where the entire lighting rig couldn't be set up and wings were being served on covered pool tables to brand new opulent theaters engineered for sound and live pe
  6. Hey, team. I’m on my way to Grande Prairie. If you want to follow my trip in photos and quotes from the stage, you can follow me on Instagram: @tothehinterlands.
  7. Wow, I love this forum. Haha. Good luck to Adam on his adventure. Hope we see you tonight in St. Albert.
  8. Some quick thoughts from tonight’s show in Red Deer. First off, this one was in a bar setting. The Airdrie snow was in a seated theater. Perhaps due to the venue, I found that the audience wasn’t as respectful during the actual performance of the songs tonight. There was a lot of chatter on the floor. Of course, being Valentine’s Day, there were a lot of, “be my Valentine!” shouts. The breaks in between the songs weren’t as long tonight, so the banter wasn’t as extensive as in Airdrie. He talked about how he wasn’t satisfied by the studio recording of Sort of a Protest song. He said
  9. While it’s cool he’s rehearsing Blue Skies during the VIP segments, he’s certainly played that song within the past ten years. He played it acoustic at Not So Private Banter and the Gravenhurst shows in 2015 and full band during the Chaotic Neutral tour at least a couple times. One performance was as a show opener in Sarnia. I’ll take it though.
  10. Well, today was the first day of my journey across Alberta and needless to say, I was not disappointed. I had to pick up a friend of mine in Calgary, so I logged 367 km behind the wheel today. The show was stellar and included a lot of banter between the songs. Matt talked about how a judge has determined Paul Manafort has lied to the Mueller investigation about ties to a Russian oligarch in three occasions. He also discussed the president of the United States multiple times. Especially of interest, he talked about how fame and notoriety frightened him, seemingly during the Beautifu
  11. Hey, team. I’m going to the Airdrie show tonight. This will be my first of ten shows on this tour, so I’ll be busy over the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping for some good clean fun. We don’t need any fisticuffs in the crowd, especially at an acoustic show.
  12. My manager finally approved my request for vacation today, so I can confirm that I’m going to all of the Alberta shows. I’m quite excited now. I love that he’s choosing songs that represent nearly his entire career and I can see that expanding as the tour winds on. I’m interested to see how the shows evolve from the ones coming up in the next couple weeks vs. Edmonton and Calgary in March. I feel like there could be a bit of a storyteller vibe happening here.
  13. i just realized that I also have an extra ticket for Medicine Hat, because I had to buy two when I really just need one. Anybody need a row C ticket for that show?
  14. That's great to hear. In the past, I've intentionally bought extra tickets specifically for people on this forum. I know not everyone can jump on a presale in the middle of a work day. Nice of your dad to help you out. I'm not so confident that would be the case if I asked for similar assistance. Haha. At this point, even if better tickets pop up for the shows I'm going to when the other presales and general sale start, I'm going to utilize the ones I have. I managed to get some really good tickets for the smaller town shows. I think I got front row at at least three or four of them thanks to
  15. Hey, russic. I actually have some extra Calgary tickets if you'd like them. I started out my getting some back corner tickets as well, but then four seats in row E opened up so I grabbed them. I have one friend for sure who will attend with me, but if you can't find something better during the public sale, you're welcome to buy one or two of my row E tickets. I also still have my corner ones to contend with. I bought tickets to all of the Alberta shows, so we'll see if this works out.
  16. I just realized there are 10 shows in Alberta, but I think I'm going to go for it anyways. What the hell, right? You only live once.
  17. That’s a good one-two punch to get the crowd into it.
  18. Hey, Matt. Thanks for jumping back in. I know we really appreciate your insight here. I plan on going to every show in Alberta. This seems like a good excuse to drive around the province in the winter. I already bought tickets to the five shows that are up for sale. I look forward to seeing the whole itinerary when it’s released. See you on the road and all the best!
  19. Hey, everyone. I’m not sure if we had these ones yet: February 19th - Medicine Hat, AB. https://www.1053rock.ca/events/matthew-good/20/ February 8th - Duncan, BC. http://cowichanpac.ca/sites/default/files/cpac_brochure_for_web.pdf
  20. Has anybody come across anything else? If you did, I’m sure you’d share it here. Haha. I wonder if we’ll have to wait until the fall to learn about the tour in its entirety.
  21. I do feel for the people who have to make a choice to buy now or wait and hope for a show to pop up in their local area. Maybe having the shows trickle out like this is a consequence of the small theatre settings, because we still have eight months to go. How far in advance to we normally initially hear about tours in their totality?
  22. I saw a copy of the marketing material they use to solicit advertising spaces in the monthly handbills and the listing for the February edition had Matt listed for that date. Edit: Here's a link.
  23. Hey, Edmonton area friends, I have some good news. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that Matt is likely playing at the Arden Theatre in St. Albert on February 15, 2019.
  24. Well, I’ve done some additional searching for February when he might be in Alberta and I’ve come up empty-handed. Hopefully our other sleuths can find something I haven’t.
  25. Hey, gursky, here’s a link to Airdrie that I was able to find on Google. https://www.airdrie.ca/index.cfm?serviceID=424
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