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  1. Does this mean just no more USA tours? Or does this mean no more tours AT ALL? I hope it's not the latter. I got to see you in Halifax on the Vancouver Tour but missed LoES. I really want to see you live at least one more time.
  2. Such a hard one. It's a toss up between "While We Were Hunting Rabbits", "Sort Of A Protest Song" or "The Boy Who Could Explode".
  3. You stole my shtick! ;) 1. Sort Of A Protest Song 2. Man Of Action 3. The Rat Who Would Be King 4. Truffle Pigs 5. The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production 6. Tripoli 7. Advertising On Police Cars 8. Carmelina 9. Under The Influence 10. I, The Throw Away 11. The Fall Of Man 12. Anti-Pop
  4. Same deal as the Avalanche Rankings Thread. Rank the songs from BM in order from favourite to least favourite. First place vote equals 14 points, second place 13 points, etc. I will keep a tally and we will figure out what the most popular songs from this album are! Mine: 1. Suburbia 2. Strange Days 3. Failing The Rorschach Test 4. Let's Get It On 5. The Future Is X-Rated 6. I Miss New Wave 7. Born To Kill 8. Giant 9. Load Me Up 10. Going All The Way 11. Hello Time Bomb 12. Running For Home 13. Jenni's Song 14. A Boy And His Machine Gun
  5. Current standings: 1. Avalanche 2. While We Were Hunting Rabbits 3. Weapon 4. Near Fantastica 5. House of Smoke & Mirrors 6. & 7. In A World Called Catastrophe / Bright End Of Nowhere (tie) 8. & 9. Pledge of Allegiance / 21st Century Living (tie) 10. Double Life 11. A Long Way Down 12. Lullaby For The New World Order 13. Song For The Girl
  6. Rank the songs from Avalanche from favourite to least favourite! First place ranking equals 13 points, second 12 points and so on. I will keep a running tally of the points each song has accrued to determine the most popular songs. :) Mine: 1. While We Were Hunting Rabbits 2. Pledge Of Allegiance 3. Weapon 4. House Of Smoke & Mirrors 5. A Long Way Down 6. Avalanche 7. 21st Century Living 8. Near Fantastica 9. Bright End Of Nowhere 10. Lullaby For The New World Order 11. In A World Called Catastrophe 12. Double Life 13. Song For The Girl
  7. I hope this isn't a really short Spring Tour. I'm stuck in an isolated Northern city until June and would LOVE to catch this tour as it's sure to be filled with obscure rarities.
  8. What the heck is "History Teacher"???
  9. "Set Me On Fire" doesn't do all that much for me (yet). Sorry. :(
  10. So sad I'm missing this Tour. Rabbits live would kill me with happiness.
  11. Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts -Symbolistic White Walls -Haven't Slept In Years Underdogs -Apparitions -Prime Time Deliverance -The Inescapable Us -Change Of Season Beautiful Midnight -Strange Days -Failing The Rorschach Test -Suburbia The Audio Of Being -Man Of Action -Truffle Pigs -The Rat Who Would Be King -Sort Of A Protest Song Avalanche -Pledge Of Allegiance -Weapon -While We Were Hunting Rabbits -House Of Smoke & Mirrors White Light Rock & Roll Review -Empty Road -Blue Skies Over Badlands -Ex-Pats Of The Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra Hospital Music -A Single Explosion -99% Of Us Is Failure -The Boy Come Home Vancouver -Last Parade -The Boy Who Could Explode -Volcanoes -Empty's Theme Park Lights Of Endangered Species -How It Goes -Non-Populus Others -Generation X-Wing (acoustic from In A Coma) -Pony Boy -The Fine Art Of Falling Apart
  12. Any word on the Moncton setlist?
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