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  1. Setlist from London - Oct 20. (I think I put a few in the middle out of order, but the songs themselves are correct) Shallow's Low Born Losers Great Whales Mildred Load Me Up X -Rated Zero Orchestra Non Populous Set Me on Fire Apparitions Weapon Giant Hornets Rabbits I was afraid we weren't going to get Rabbits, but he did it as the third song in the encore, much to my delight. Right before Mildred he had them turn the house lights up and went on a bit of a rant because someone was smoking pot, but it was pretty light hearted. He made some comments that he really enjoyed playing Zero Orchestra & Non Populous, but that was about it. The new songs really translate well to the current line up, horn section or not. I was really hoping for Zero Orchestra and Rabbits and left happy! I had VIP and thought it was organized really well - we were in to see him maybe 30 mins after the show ended at the most. Maybe 40 people at most? I was pretty nervous and wanted to ask him a few questions about the new album but just kinda choked, so my friend and I thanked him for playing rabbits, shook his hand and got a picture. I had him sign my copy of At Last there is Nothing Left to Say. I was afraid he wouldn't want to sign it because I get the impression he's not too keen on it, but he just said something like "I'd be happy to, dear" and smiled, so I think he could tell I was pretty nervous, lol.
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