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  1. Em has already addressed a few things, but I'll address a few others directed more at me. Why aren't the other girls still posting? Have you seen the hatred Hayley's taken? It has not been all support. Hey, look at this thread even. Hayley has taken serious abuse, and she's the one who felt most able to take him on and bear the usual disbelief and hatred women get in these situations. Domestic abuse and sexual violence are the only crimes where we disbelieve the survivor so wholeheartedly. Especially when the accused is famous. Why did it take so long to topple Weinstein? Or Cosby? Or Manson? Many are afraid. Some allege previous harassment. Hayley has been a public face, sharing their stories. You do not get to dictate how, when and where survivors tell their stories, react or behave. Sorry. If some choose to be quiet or anonymous, that is their right. If some feel stronger, and speak louder, that is their right. Survivorship is not one size fits all, and I'm speaking as a former rape crisis counselor and survivor. Let's stick to the topic at hand, and not veer into a red herring discussion of "women do it to men too" shall we? Not relevant at this time and not being debated. "Airing of dirty laundry" is rather offensive in the context of abusive behaviour. By that notion, children being beaten shouldn't tell their teachers because it "happens all the time across America" and "most people don't air their dirty laundry". This isn't about something that is gossip or salacious. This isn't, say, aggressively DMing a woman over bootlegs. And if it were say, just a matter of infidelity... Matt himself has made a living writing songs mocking Jen's transgressions, talking about his infidelities on his social media, blaming them on his mental health as an excuse re Rae, telling on himself in Girls In Black... I mean, why do you have a problem with "dirty laundry" (if that's all it is) now?
  2. Man, you sound like the guy who looks at a survivor of sexual violence and says, "Well, you know, people have known you to wear a short skirt." Or the Criminology professor I had who lectured our class on how women didn't have the right to say no to sex after making out with a guy and when a male classmate said, "Yeah but no means no" he sneered and said, "Well how cold is YOUR shower?" Hayley is a model, a producer, an influencer, a mom and a musician. She is wearing a lot of hats. Have you considered that after dealing with Matt's BS for the millionth time, because he has (per pattern) engaged in narcissistic bait she needs to address, she decides to post something that empowers her? Have you read the captions for her photos, or are you hung up on her body? How and when she chooses to empower herself is her business. If you choose to sexualize her, that is on you. Her being a sexual person is not wrong or a crime. I'm sorry she is not being a perfect, demure, chaste victim or neatly going into the sunset so you can tuck away your guilt for continuing to support Matt, but you are free to make a choice there. I love patterns. Wanna hear one? Matt has deleted his online presence at least four times I remember, usually after seeking attention/reassurance/pats on the back and often after relationship drama or being criticized. This drop of songs created with her (sure to catch her attention), Instagram post threatening to leave music that was quickly edited, and social media deleted is right on cue. And yet, you're not calling him out. Millstone isn't calling him a professional victim. I wonder why. *tilts head*
  3. The admin of the Facebook were taking such horrific abuse in DMs (while struggling with the news themselves), I don't think it's fair to make judgments.
  4. It apparently involves a promo code. So y'know, if someone knows it... LOL
  5. I'll be at Richmond Hill! Also doing the Toronto shows, so people like me are probably why it sold quickly. So I've been busy and forgot to swing in here re Brampton. WOW. North Bay decided to top it out, but Matt's mood sadly was soured by the crowd and he was quiet for most of the night. It did lead to the most ominous version of Alert Status Red I've ever heard. (My dad shot it, vertical alas but the sound is great) Role call - anyone else doing Milton, Richmond Hill, Kingston or the Torontos?
  6. They've honestly been so catered to my fave songs, it's eerie (and obviously distracting! Ha!). Change of Season emerging has made me giddy and impatient for my shows. You=hero. *hands you a cape*
  7. I swore there was one I didn't see it, but it's entirely possible I'm too distracted by the goodies to notice its presence.
  8. Last night's setlist is exactly what I want for one of my shows. Change of Season. And he's played it twice, so he's feeling it. I'm shaking at the thought I could finally hear this song I have been chasing since 2000. It means the absolute world to me. With every new set, I'm more certain than ever that he's committed to gifting the diehards with a tour to remember. Look how often Omissions and Rabbits are being played - and conversely, Apparitions isn't nightly, which we know has been a "keeping the casuals content" choice for many a tour (although I'm not yet sick of Apparitions - would trade it for other treasures though)
  9. Co-signed. I love that song and would love to hear it acoustic. Matt's voice, echoing alone in a small venue: "Born to DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!"
  10. Wow, know this is old, but I just watched many of my faves get slagged LOL. Since it's already bumped up, hmm... hard to pinpoint one least favourite, but here are the ones most people seem to love that I could live without hearing for years: Blue Skies Over Badlands (it's just... not that good compared to the rest of that album and I'd take nearly every song on WLRRR over it live, please) The Rat Who Would Be King Tiger by the Tail (it's basically Cold Water with lesser lyrics) I didn't consider interludes or demos in my thought process because an interlude is just that - it's not a song, per se. Radio Bomb is probably the closest to a full-on "no thank you, next"?
  11. Maybe the live album was going to be a release of the I&I and since it didn't happen.... well, no release? I wish Matt had planned to release this current tour as live albums. An artist I follow did a tour where she dropped soundboard of every show that didn't have a prohibitive licensing fee the next day on iTunes. So we ended up with soundboard recordings of about 95% of one of her best tours. Given the rarities already popping up, having them for prosperity would have been incredible. Plus, more money for Matt as a bonus!
  12. I assume he didn't post it because of the songs he had to cut on the fly. And my FB source also came back to mention Omissions (same person who said Silent) but she didn't feel comfortable to edit the setlist because she couldn't recall the order anything was played. He played about 80 minutes night 2, for what it's worth (10pm curfew). Looks like set 2 is going to remain a mystery! LOL Don't worry, all - I obsessively update setlist fm so I've got us covered for Brampton, Milton, Richmond Hill, Toronto x2, Kingston and maybe Ottawa and Montreal as well (depends on my health, which is currently not great and might make me bail on Kingston, sigh). I really do love that it's becoming the career retrospective show that he mentioned wanting to do someday. I really miss a lot of songs from Vancouver, so the more the merrier! Would love to see Vancouver National Anthem resurface.
  13. Just asked someone on FB who attended. The venue had a 10pm curfew Matt was unaware of until day of, and with the amount of banter between songs, that is all he could play before they shooed him off stage. The hazards of playing smaller places/venues not used to rock shows. Hopefully this has made him start checking the rest of the shows on the tour for potential early curfews! EDIT: Now being told the list is missing Fearless, Los Alamos, Radicals, Fated, Apparitions Prime Time Deliverance and Silent Army in the Trees, But yeah, it was a shorter one.
  14. *unlurks* I have been asking him for Change of Season for 19 years. If it happens at any of my shows, I promise you will see a redhead leaving on a gurney, dead of joy (or slumped in her seat, barely alive). I think the last time I asked him, I even suggested reworking it as an acoustic guitar song. Just looking at the first two sets (or rather, what we know of night 2 - assuming the setlist.fm was updated by someone who put up what they knew/remembered), there's a LOT of songs I remember people asking about on Instagram months ago. This very much feels like a 'gift to fans' tour and it's incredible. I already have 6 shows bought, but I may have to go ahead and add a couple more now.
  15. On instagram it seems like he played I'm a Window and is working on playing Champions?
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