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  1. Ever since my girlfriend broke up with me, I've been the weakest soul on earth.
  2. Environmental Geography ftw. I study policies and learn how to make them and stuff.
  3. Merry Christmas. Because that's what we celebrate in Canada. And if you get offended then get the crap out of my country ;)
  4. If I lived next door, they wouldn't have a very Merry Christmas after I punched them in the face because I couldn't sleep.
  5. Yes, because most people are too stupid to understand his music and the greatness behind it.
  6. lol @ scanning it Can you guys not spend the $5 to buy it ;)
  7. Why was Lo-fi B-sides left off the list? That's the best one.
  8. Strange Days Symbolistic White Walls Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production Everything is Automatic
  9. Running For Home She's Got a New Disguise Near Fantastica
  10. Blue Skies Over Bad Lands.
  11. 1- Sort of a Protest Song (Round 4) 2- Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production (Round 4) 3- Strange Days (Round 4) 4- A Boy and His Machine Gun (Round 2)
  12. That's the first ever concert I saw there, and was probably one of the best ones to date out of any band or venue.
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