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  1. Had It Coming has to be my favorite upload so far - but that might be bias.
  2. It's excellent - it's the main reason that I stayed directly up front instead of moving to the back, the guy next to me was in Halifax the night before and told me he rearranged it in a kickass way. I wasn't disappointed.
  3. Turns out.. I made it in anyways. Made it right up to the stage - this is an unzoomed photo. Girlfriend also managed to bumrush the stage and grab a little something. All in all - flat out amazing show guys. The energy Matt had was nuts.
  4. Well. Forgot that I lost my driver's licence a few weeks back and haven't had it replaced. Realized this, of course - three hours from when the doors open. So no show at all for me tonight. Can anyone tell me what the merch is like? Any cool hoodies or something so my girlfriend can pick me up something maybe?
  5. Moncton -> Saint John -> Halifax -> Fredericton I just realized how weird of a loop that is. Either way, still excited for Saturday night. WWWHR hopefully stays in the list for that show.
  6. I managed to watch This Is The End and Pacific Rim on Saturday afternoon. Absolutely amazing.
  7. Huh. Damn. I guess I'll really need to get on that new album then.
  8. Hopefully it clears because that's actually an awesome idea.
  9. I'd pretty much kill to hear Jenny's Song live.
  10. I'm rather excited - I missed Matt when he came here for FredRock.. so the last time I saw him was.. what? 2008 or 2009 when he was doing the acoustic tour. I've never had the chance due to age or whatever else to actually see him electric in person, and I'm going to the 17th show here in Fredericton. Any word on a playlist?
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