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  1. Muran, I cannot express my Thanks enough to you. Im grateful that you read the my post. I kinda feel like I owe you something for this,(Yes, it helps that much)I searched so long to find this. I also feel that I owe Mr. Good for his ability to bring peace to this tired wartorn heart through his miusic. Again, Thank you so very much. Im excited at the possiblity of restful sleep. William Neelsen USMC/USN/OEF Veteran
  2. I am new to this forum thing. I am looking for Near Fantastica, the acoustic version, but I cant find it anywhere but youtube. The song helps me when I have nightmares from the war is was apart of (Operation Enduring Freedom). The United States Veterans Hospitals dont really offer anything in the way of helping to deal with it, they will give you pills, but who wants them. Alot of Matthew Good's music helps me to calm down, but that particular version of near fantastica really helps me out in very dark times. So, with that being said. If there is anyone out there who takes the time to read this post and knows where and how I can get that amazing song, please let me know. Thank You William Neelsen USMC/USN/OEF Veteran
  3. Well, I was on base. Yes, a military base When the first plane hit 15 mins later I was getting breifed When the second plane hit.......I was leaving to go fight for our elitist government, and wondering if I would ever see home again. Obviously I did, but it wasnt the same
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