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  1. Joe, I'll be at the NYC show in October as well...just bought tickets today. I haven't been to this board in a while...work's been really busy. Thanks for posting the zip file to the audio clips of his acoustic show in May. I couldn't make it to that show (unfortunately).
  2. Just watched Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Excellent movie, but very dark. Just what you'd expect from David Fincher...
  3. The album "Dreaming in Black & White" by Trust Company. Very solid album...maybe not quite as good as their debut "The Lonely Position of Neutral" but definitely worth a listen nonetheless.
  4. Joe, Thanks for posting those videos and pics. It's a night I'll never forget, and I hope he comes back to NYC for the next tour...
  5. Joe, I'll keep my eye out for any new songs that you add to your webpage (after you get a chance to record them). Keep up the great work...you are very talented!
  6. Gomo (Joe), This is a little bit off-topic but I went to your MySpace (linked in your profile) and listened to the songs that you created. First off, you have a fantastic voice, and I think any band looking for a frontman/songwriter/pianist would be lucky to have you. "Darling" is a phenomenal song...the emotion you convey is sincere and gut-wrenching. If you never write another song in your life you can remain proud of that creation. I also liked "Hatchet" as well, but "Darling" is definitely your masterpiece. Keep on writing, and let me know if you ever play in NYC. I will come watch you in a heartbeat. You are REALLY good... I found a few recordings of the NYC show on YouTube: Apparitions Matt shows off his great sense of humor in the beginning, and then rocks an amazing rendition of the song. This person was standing almost directly behind me (my head is off to the left of the frame), so this was basically the exact vantage point I had at the show. It was tremendous... The Fine Art of Falling Apart (unplugged) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mK64GL-GRv0 99% of Us is Failure http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBqd5GfSdsg Ommissions of the Omen Generation X-Wing So Long Mrs. Smith
  7. Gomo, you were right about the title, although I think it might be just "How Low". Yes, that was good as well (probably my 2nd favorite of hers). Here is a brief clip of it: I actually grew up in CT, but have lived in a bunch of places. I've been in NYC since 2004...love my job and many aspects of the city (the energy, culture, Central Park, etc.) but I can't stand crowds. It's a dilemma I fight nearly every day... Would love to see the videos you took when you get a chance to post them. I'm sure they're great...
  8. Yes...that was me on the front left! I figured you would be up at the front as well, but I didn't want to ask random people if they were "Gomo" or Joe. Next time (if Matt comes back to NYC) we'll have to meet up...I may travel to see him now that my wife would be on board, but it would be so much easier if he comes back to the city. Today at work just sucks. I can't get anything accomplished, and have Matt Good songs and Emily Greene's "Is This What You Had In Mind" going through my head. That was the highlight of her set, in my opinion.
  9. I second Gomo's review of the night...and yes, the set list is correct. The Fine Art of Falling Apart was definitely the highlight. I yelled for him to play it, he said "I can do that", and then started talking about the cool moment he had in Philly with "99%" and jumped off the stage and played it in the middle of the crowd. Unlike Gomo, I didn't take any videos (I was trying to soak it all in), but will periodically check on YouTube to see if anyone posted anything. One funny thing at the show happened after he played "Ommissions"...he mentioned there were only 4 songs or so that he liked from LOTGA and that the rest were crap. I yelled out "She's Got a New Disguise" (which I LOVE), and he pointed at me and said "that song's crap". When I hear that song, I hear the derivation of what he's become. Yes, the song feels rather stripped down and simpler compared to his more recent songs, but the emotion he conveys in that song is magical to me. Matt, if you're reading this, THANK YOU for a wonderful show and tour. Not only do you have a fan for life in me, I converted two of my friends last night - and my wife now loves you too! You are truly a wonderful musician, and your music will remain deep in my soul until I die.
  10. Wow! You guys that went to the Philly show are lucky...sounds like a fantastic show. Would love to see a video of "99%" if someone could post it. I have never been more excited for a show in my life (I am going to tonight's NYC show)!
  11. We're So Heavy is a great pick. Love that song... Will you be at the NYC show tomorrow? I'm bringing my wife and two friends...my wife is probably sick of me talking and playing Matthew Good by now, but I'm pleased that I can introduce two friends to the brilliance of Matt (who very few U.S. citizens have heard of, unfortunately).
  12. Krista, Thanks for posting those videos...they were great. If only the bar crowd was a little more subdued they would've been even better. Looks like a great show though...I can't wait until tomorrow night!
  13. I saw Explosions in the Sky a few years ago. They were good, but I wasn't completely blown away (maybe my expectations were too high). I love the band, and I would highly recommend you seeing them, but it wasn't one of the best shows that I've ever seen.
  14. Just saw The Warrior. It was very good...better than expected. Tom Hardy is freaking jacked in this movie...
  15. Just a couple more days until his NYC show at Mercury Lounge. To say that I am psyched would be an understatement... I hope he feels better soon, and I really hope to hear "The Fine Art of Falling Apart". What a perfect acoustic song...
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