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  1. $250 if still sealed and/or in mint condition.
  2. I am VERY interested in obtaining this vinyl. If you are in need of extra cash, let me know. knit.wit@live.ca
  3. Did you sell it? I'll take it for $150 if it's in mint. Let me know. Knit.wit@live.ca Melissa
  4. I'm sorry, I am just seeing this now. If that fell through and you are still looking to sell. E-MAIL: julyseventeen at live dot com
  5. I'll take the vinyl, $150? E-mail me to discuss prices. julyseventeen at live dot com Thanks! Melissa
  6. Hi, I am looking to pick up Avalanche on vinyl. I am willing to spend $200 if in great/mint condition.
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