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  1. Yeah, I mostly wanted to hear peoples thoughts on Loser Anthems today since it is a limited edition item that is no longer limited. In the end I cant justify it to myself to purchase the sealed copy off ebay because it doesn't hold the same appeal that it once did. Now if It was a blue copy I know that I would feel differently; but again I must ask myself why?
  2. While surfing ebay today I came across 4 copies of Loser Anthems, two of them still sealed. I immediately wanted a sealed copy but had to stop and ask myself why? I already have an opened copy that I bought when it was first released. I think I wanted it for what it was then and not what it is today. I used to cherish my copy because it was numbered and somewhat rare but my feelings changed when all the songs were released on "In a Coma". Obviously it is the music itself that is important, I am just wondering who else feels a little cheated in owning a real copy of Loser Anthems??
  3. It worked. Damn nmf you are insanely helpful. Thanks a lot!
  4. Got the Philidelphia video and I gotta say thank you GuitarmanMC5! You really did a great job! I've got another dimeadozen related question. The two Matt Good bootleg audio concerts available both downloaded as VLC video files. I tried going into properties and changing them to media player files so that I could put them on my ipod but had no luck, Itunes didn't recognize them. Any suggestions on how to change them?
  5. Brand new Sam Roberts song hit itunes this week! "Faultline Blues" is part of an Esquire compilation called Pacific Standard Time Sounds Great!!
  6. Help? I am a little late to the party, I signed up for Dime and am trying to track down any Matthew Good material. So far I haven't been able to find anything. Does anyone know if the video was taken down? Or does someone need to be logged on and seeding it for me to find it?
  7. Nope, Thats it! Vancouver and Lights of Endangered Species are fairly easy to find but Avalanche is very rare, if it does show up on ebay it usually goes for crazy high prices!!
  8. I watched The Grey last night. It was all filmed in Smithers BC which is pretty cool! A little questionable how Liam Neeson is able to survive so well in freezing temperatures but overall it was pretty good!
  9. Some of my favorites are: Walking Dead Cowboy Ninja Viking Deadpool Pulp (throws deadpool into a cool world war II era story) X-men Xenogenesis (Kaare Andrews art is sick) And any of the new X-Force/Uncanny X-Force TPB's (secret black ops. team within the x-men, hell yeah!)
  10. Keepin it oldschool. I just bought Toejam and Earl on the Nintendo Wii network for $8. I am loving it, it is just as great as I remember! Definitely the best Sega Genesis game of all time!!
  11. I saw an excellent Sam Roberts show at the Kee to Bala in Ontario. I happened to be in the area and found out about it the day before, I was just a right place, right time situation. Great show in a unique venue!!
  12. I have always gravitated towards the softer side of the Deftones catalogue. Chino Moreno's new project +++ (Crosses) definitely falls into that same style. They have released two EP's so far which are really great, but the gem for me so far is the song "the years" found on the Batman: Arkham City Video Game soundtrack. It is awesome!!
  13. Amazing Video! I can't imagine the time spent making this, definitely a trip down memory lane!!
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