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  1. I've been on the hunt for Method Man vinyl recently, so right before leaving my local record store today something caught my eye behind a stacks of books covered in dust. As a 90's MGB fan and the love I have for the work of Ian, Geoff & Dave on top of the cleanest Matthew Good signature I've ever seen I knew it's something I had to own, even if temporary. The owners basically gave it away for free so I couldn't pass it up, because I know the younger me would have easily paid an arm and a leg for it while crying uncontrollably. I don't "collect" anything anymore, everything is boxed u
  2. BRINGING THIS THREAD BACK TO LIFE, CALLING ALL FILM NERDS So this has been my life during the pandemic, I stumbled upon the website from watching youtube videos of famous people talking about their favourite movies in a closet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_77jFCorT8&t=54s The movies I've seen within the past year has been some of the best films I've never heard about, I've falling into incredible rabbit-holes with directors/actors/cinematographers and has been inspiring for someone who is working towards making movies. This is where I recommend everyone sta
  3. Idioteque


    Has anyone been following Wallstreetbets or thrown a couple bucks into the race to the moon?
  4. I still can't find ANY gpu's in my area and I'm too nervous to buy from resellers or used. My local computer store and best buy always laugh at me when I come in and ask "Any Gpu's yet?" Everyone has backorders. Any word on why the empty shelves besides christmas and covid, so everybody is inside? I can't find anything for months.
  5. The second watch blew my mind because I noticed all the little things I missed and the chemistry is great between The Protagonist & Neil during the second viewing because you understand, but the first watch made me focus way too hard on all of Nolan's terrible habits as a director. For some reason he cannot write a villain to save his god damn life AND I SWEAR TO GOD IF ANYONE BRINGS UP JOKER. 7/10 tho for Tenet, all I suggest is watch it twice. Just spread those 2 times within the span of 10 years. Edit: I'm relearning how to internet.
  6. Wow, this is like the holy grail for me. I put more time into that youtube edit throughout the years than most of the concert dvds I own. Great way to end 2020 for me, I'll enjoy this tomorrow night to close out the year.
  7. A tiny little home for us hooligans to come and hide once in awhile, i love it. I've probably put more hours & words into this site than facebook/twitter/instagram combined throughout my life. Thanks Anton! Here's to another 16!
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