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  1. Wow, this is like the holy grail for me. I put more time into that youtube edit throughout the years than most of the concert dvds I own. Great way to end 2020 for me, I'll enjoy this tomorrow night to close out the year.
  2. A tiny little home for us hooligans to come and hide once in awhile, i love it. I've probably put more hours & words into this site than facebook/twitter/instagram combined throughout my life. Thanks Anton! Here's to another 16!
  3. I've been in "queue" since September 25th, and they flat out stopped responding to my emails. Only reason I even care at this point is so MRG doesn't get my money, and I can put it right back into MG's online store.
  4. Playing a private show for American Express cardholders, rock & roll (jks).. It says it's located in my town, and I'm curious if he's planning on doing an outdoor performance because I have the perfect idea on where he plans on playing. A nice throwback to 2014.
  5. This interview describes a little bit of what you're looking for. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/from-bad-to-good/article1333990/ I do remember reading about him spending a few weeks in Whistler working on AOB songs, if he had a back-pocket song like "Weapon" or "Avalanche" I bet it would have made the album. If anyone can correct me I also think the AOB tour never happened because of 9/11, they planned a U.S tour but could never leave Canada due to all flights being grounded, thus causing them to breakup. That's leaving 1 year for Matt to create Rabbits (in the
  6. Im treating the Stones like my Ozzy ticket, up in the air this point with their ages. Even if shows start back up in 2021, I don't think we should be rushing 70 year old's on stage in this climate lol.
  7. I'm currently awaiting a response from MRG. Couldn't roll my eyes hard enough after reading the word "credits" after spending the year fighting to get back my refunds for TOOL...Rage...Stones... from the giant Ticketmaster. Heeere We Go Again. If they do give out refunds without stating it anywhere and actually helping their customers, doubt I'd ever give them my money again. Matt's team is scrambling on social media trying to help people fortunately.
  8. Time well spent! Fingers crossed for more online concerts.
  9. Stumbled across this article. Oof. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/touring/9333748/live-nation-global-pause-tours-concerts-coronavirus
  10. The NBA just postponed their season, It's very likely every other league will follow their lead by the end of the week. So if major bands start cancelling their tours, I can't see this tour proceeding as well. I have front row seats for TOOL & Rage Against the Machine this year, last thing I want is for those shows to not happen, but that's the selfishness in me talking because I just so happen to be ABSOLUTELY SICK AS A DOG, from a coworker who just returned from her 3 month trip from Japan.... I might be infected. "This is people's lives at stake. This isn't about basketball. ... Th
  11. Been awhile folks. Hopefully going to his Vancouver shows, fingers crossed.
  12. Quite possible we never would have gotten MGB if it wasn't for this man's influence on Matt.
  13. Not a fan of the "lyric video" trend but this is probably one of his best music videos to date, very addicting to watch. Love the colours.
  14. I never noticed the alternate tracklist on the vinyl vs CD until someone brought it up on Matt's IG. CD: 1.Pledge of Allegiance 2.Lullaby for the New World Order 3.Weapon 4.In a World Called Catastrophe 5.Avalanche 6.21st Century Living 7.While We Were Hunting Rabbits 8.Bright End of Nowhere 9.Near Fantastica 10.Song for the Girl 11.Double Life 12.A Long Way Down 13.House of Smoke & Mirrors Vinyl: A1.Pledge Of Allegiance A2.Lullaby For The New World Order A3.Weapon A4.Song For The Girl B1.In A World Called Catastrophe B2.Avalanche B3.21st Century Living C
  15. The rest of Matt's vinyl is on its way! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bc8L-r3h61W/?hl=en
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