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  1. Got Transformers: Fall of Cybertron on the weekend. Campaign only lasted a day or two, but I'm liking the multiplayer modes a better with this one than with War for Cybertron.
  2. Saw the Dark Knight Rises yesterday. I really liked Dark Knight (bit meh on Batman Begins), and was a sceptical about how well it could follow it. Initial thoughts are that it isn't quite as good as the previous, but it was a great watch, and I wasn't disappointed by any means. No major faults in it, think I just preferred the bleakness of Dark Knight and the chaotic nature of the Joker. Tom Hardy's Bane was pretty great though.
  3. Ben Howard - Every Kingdom (as well as whatever else I can find on youtube and various EPs, the song Depth over Distance in particular). British singer songwriter who uses a open tunings a lot. His debut album is great; it gave me a kick to pick up my guitar and try something a bit different. Also been listening to Tyler Lyle's 'The Golden Age and The Silver Girl' album, and Sean Rowe's Magic a fair bit this week.
  4. I thought the same with Alan Wake. It was largely an atmosphere thing to me, which I didn't think would work on a second playthrough. I ended up starting it off again to show a friend though, with the intention of just showing them an hour or so, and it suckered me in again.
  5. So far from the Steam sale I've gotten: Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition (have the basic one on the 360, but none of the DLC. Probably cheaper to get this, and the mods do extend the lifespan a bit). Sonic Generations: Spent about an hour in a pleasing wave of nostalgia before getting a bit bored. Trine 1+2 Alan Wake's American Nightmare (I think the original is one of the best games of the past few years) Fable: The lost chapters (have the version which comes on 4 CDs or so knocking around somewhere, was a couple of pounds for the sake of having it on my Steam account). I've al
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