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  1. I've been staying away from the demos this time unlike the past two albums, I want that new material experience I had with Hospital Music and Vancouver... it seems like overall impressions are good. Do we know for sure if the album will be named Chaotic Neutral? I hope so, such a cool album title.
  2. You have a lot of tunes on yours that just missed the cut on mine, namely Odette, Set Me On Fire, House of Smoke and Mirrors, and Blue Skies Over Bad Lands. It's also very difficult for me to hear The Boy Who Could Explode without listening to Last Parade before it. Not much on Arrows that could contribute to a "mood compilation" but the ones I've chosen (especially Letters In Wartime) seem to fit nice as they provide a timely jab to the nose when needed (same with Near Fantastica). The tracks that best blend into one another are Champions of Nothing and Avalanche / Near Fantastica and How it Goes / 99% Of Us Is Failure and A Single Explosion / and of course Last Parade and The Boy Who Could Explode.
  3. I've been working on this playlist for some time now, and after play testing it for the past 3 months I feel like it's finally complete. It is by no means a greatest hits compilation, however, if played straight through, it creates a very melancholy mood as the tunes blend great into one another. I have many Matthew Good compilations, but I have been consistently going back to this one lately when looking for my MG fix and I just wanted to share it with everyone here. I usually listen to it in bed as it helps me fall asleep, and FYI... "Hey Hell Heaven" at the end was placed there with the same idea as a bonus track as it doesn't blend well after "Metal Airplanes". Could some of you put it together, give it a bunch of listens, and let me know what you think? Thanks. 1. Champions Of Nothing 9:33- Matthew Good- Hospital Music 2. Avalanche 7:27- Matthew Good- Avalanche 3. Last Parade 5:55- Matthew Good- Vancouver 4. The Boy Who Could Explode 7:07- Matthew Good- Vancouver 5. A Silent Army In the Trees 5:37- Matthew Good- Vancouver 6. Black Helicopter 4:44- Matthew Good- Hospital Music 7. On Nights Like Tonight 4:24- Matthew Good- Vancouver 8. Near Fantastica 8:01- Matthew Good- Avalanche 9. How It Goes 4:01- Matthew Good- Lights of Endangered Species 10. I, The Throw Away 3:09- Matthew Good- Audio of Being 11. Letters In Wartime 6:46- Matthew Good- Arrows of Desire 12. 99% Of Us Is Failure 5:37- Matthew Good- Hospital Music 13. A Single Explosion 3:02- Matthew Good- Hospital Music 14. Mutineering 5:06- Matthew Good- Arrows of Desire 15. Metal Airplanes 5:42- Matthew Good- Hospital Music 16. Hey Hell Heaven 3:51- Matthew Good- Arrows of Desire
  4. From the first moment I listened to it, I was reminded of the Tragically Hip and their unique writing style. Not saying that it was intentional, or that Matt is influenced by them at all, I don't hear that T-Hip sound in any other MG material, However, the overall mood of Letters in Wartime definitely feels like a tune from the Trouble at the Henhouse album. Needless to say, I absolutely love Letters in Wartime and Trouble at the Henhouse.
  5. So jealous that the crowd at Orpheum Theatre got to experience Everything is Automatic, and Champions of Nothing.
  6. Pink Floyd is the quintessential band when the Acid Rock genre is discussed, others like Frank Zappa, Black Sabbath, and The Doors have also been considered Acid Rock. If it sounds trippy while under the influence of LSD, arguably could be considered Acid Rock.
  7. Would love to hear more Acid Rock in the next project. Some of his best work IMO is influenced by this genre like "Champions of Nothing", "The Boy Who Would Explode, "Letters in Wartime", "and "Near Fantastica".
  8. Awesome show in Toronto, very energized and diverse crowd, loved it loved it... wasn't perfect for me but a great performance by Matt. I found a greater appreciation for Non Populus as a live show staple even if the studio track isn't one of my top 20 MG tunes. Loved hearing Last Parade, Mutineering, and Letters in Wartime... although Shallows low didn't seem to translate well within the energy of the show, Set me on Fire may have fit better. I don't like Hello time Bomb probably as much as Matt dislikes Rico, but I guess you gotta feed the Toronto crowd the hits, I would have preferred The Future is X Rated in that spot... and I waited for Hey Hell Heaven which never came (one of the few shows that didn't play it). On a less bitchy note... respect to Matt on melting my face with So Close... definitely moved up on my album faves with the passion he was ripping into it, reminds me of his chops when he was belting out I'm a Window. Matt could play 60 minutes of Bad Lands Over Blue Skies and I would still walk out glad to have seen him play... but my perfect night for a setlist would have been the Fredericton show followed by Peterborough. The audience was great, very loud and appreciative... the energy seemed to dip for the new material but then up again for Weapon, Load me Up, and of course, Hello Time Bomb. Weird to me because I'm more up for hearing the new material... Letters in Wartime, So Close, and Non Populus were my top 3 performances of the night. Tour shirts look great.
  9. I love the Peterborough set list, my only wish would be to swap Hello Time Bomb for Last Parade, but that's a minor preference. I'm really hoping we get an arrangement closer to the Peterborough set at Massey Hall on Nov. 1st .
  10. Please don't let this be the set list for Nov 1st in Toronto... I would gladly trade Load Me Up for The Future is X Rated, Alert Status Red for Last Parade, While We Were Hunting Rabbits for Champions of Nothing, and any of them for Hey Hell Heaven.
  11. I wish Avalanche would get the same set list staple treatment that weapon has always enjoyed.
  12. WOW! I never would have guessed "Hey Hell Heaven" being the only omission on a live set list, especially considering it's huge crowd pleasing sing along qualities. Does this mean we have a new member of the "I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote that song... I hate playing it." club? ( joining Rico and Indestructible).
  13. 100% agree... I honestly think it's the best song on the album, which is tough to say with so many great tracks on it.
  14. I imagine the Audio of Being days didn't contain very good memories for Matt, as I'm sure the in band fighting had reached a fever pitch and may have tainted Matt's feelings toward the tracks.
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