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  1. Well he SEEMS to be shooting a video... or this is an interview (based on another picture from from his Instagram where a guy is sitting in a chair next to him)
  2. Yeah I usually try figuring them out on my own because of this. These new versions are all basic chords (whereas before there were a lot open chords). All these have the guitar tuned half a step down Rabbits, capo on third. C : 032010 C (variation he uses sometimes) : 332010 D : 000232 (or 000230) F : 033010 G : 320033 Am : 002210 C/D (I don't know the real name of this chord) : 020010 G/E (I don't know the real name of this chord) : 200033 The first part is C, C/D, G, C, C/D, Am. Then it's F, C, G, C, C/D, Am. Chorus: Em, G, Cadd9, G, G/E, Em Alert Status Red is the same as the record. Men at the Door, capo on second fret (he used to have it on third during the Something Like a Storm tour). Verse: D, Am, C, Em, D Chorus : Am, Em, C Fearless, no capo Verse: Am, G, Em, D Pre-chorus: Em, G, D Chorus : C, Em, G, D Fine Art, capo on 3rd Verse: G, Em, Am, C "Chorus" (The "We're surfacing" and "I'm certain of it" parts) : Em, G, C Hello Time Bomb, no capo Verse: Em, G, Am, C Chorus: Am, C, G, D "Hello Time Bomb, I'm ready to go off" part: Am, C, G, D
  3. Sweet that was the one I wanted most! Thanks! :) Yup! Those 10 songs were the ones that Matt originally recorded live off the floor and presented to Universal in that running order. They asked (or told maybe) him to remove Hopeless as it was too country and to record songs that would become singles. So he recorded Buffalo Seven, In Love With a Bad Idea and Alert Status Red which I believe were not live off the floor and he hid Hopeless at the end of Ex-Pats. I remember In Love With a Bad Idea and Alert Status Red being initially published online as poetry. In Love With a Bad Idea was called Paris Hilton's Vagina then. I don't know whether he meant to make them songs at the time though.
  4. Does anyone have the alternate tracklisting Matt wanted for AOB and WLRRR which he posted on the M+ Blog back in 2010?
  5. That's because it's all a conspiration! But these guys they know the trooff!
  6. This is hilarious... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy9NBcljBaU I wonder if there are any "street exterior turns to dusk"-ers too. I think he/she is actually serious too!
  7. Unfortunately I can't find any music from this incarnation (there seems to be another incarnation of this band on YouTube but Rich was not there then). https://www.bandmix.ca/jon69934/
  8. I believe she was Rich's girlfriend. If I'm thinking of the right girl, she was participating to his Hot Tubs and Mandolins blog: http://richrock.blogspot.com/ He mentions someone named Ashley in several posts.
  9. I doubt it. I think he left social networks for good bar Instagram (where comments are permanently closed). I'm pretty sure he handed his Twitter account to the "MG Team".
  10. I would go for answer number 1. Geoff's departure was announced on the band's website on November 13, 1998 but maybe it had been decided way before that. Rich would have needed time to learn the old and new songs but they would have started with the songs they would play on their most pressant engagements such as the MMVAs. Plus, Geoff said that the real reason he left was because of Matt's telling him to play a certain way on Beautiful Midnight: "Beautiful Midnight rubbed me the wrong way so I bailed.I was asked to play a certain way that wasn't natural for me and I left. Simple as that." When asked to explain further he said: "I play like me or I don't play. Does that make sence??? I like to play melodically and I was asked to play straight 8ths...I'm not a robot. In a cover band if it's the bass part yes by all means but new, fresh music...no. I probably would have entertained the idea if I was asked but I was told." And also "I don't even remember Lo-Fi sessions." and that he "quit during BM pre-pro" adding "Pre production. Rough song ideas in a rehearsal room. Ask Matt....I threw my bass at him because I was wound up like a cheap watch.....and drunk....my fault. Not denying it." Given that Lo-Fi B-Sides was given with Underdogs in 1998, I would think that Geoff was actually already out of the band during the summer. All the quotes are from the Ask Geoff (Memorial Thread). That story actually led me to believe that this Non Populus lyric was about Geoff: "Might have rubbed you the wrong way but that's all over now" Given he died at the beginning of 2010 while Matt was writing LOES. I also think "A Short Time On Earth" is about him. But I digress.
  11. Tips

    RIP Marcella

    We've lost a member of the MG fan community. This is a tragedy. RIP.
  12. I used to blog and tweet about Quebec politics and social issues and stopped largely because of all the anger I received. At some point, the hatred online becomes vicious and violent and it's hard to just stand up and not let trolls win. I've had several "Ahh fuck that shit" moments when I torched my Twitter account completely and came back months later (I've had 3 or 4 different Twitter accounts since 2010) in the last decade because of that. Now, when I tweet, I talk about tech and no one bothers me anymore. For a celebrity like Matt, it's much worst than my experience because of the sheer number of people who know who he is. He's always been very direct and honest in what he thinks even if it's not the popular opinion. So in that respect, I'm sure we can't begin to fathom the amount and the ferocity of the comments he probably endured before doing this. Chris I completely understand what you mean but you have to keep in mind all the things we don't know. I hope he comes back but I can completely understand him going "fuck it". If he's not happy using social media, then it's better he doesn't.
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