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  1. I initially wanted to wait until I could get the physical copy of the record before I gave it a listen. That's usually what I do. But I couldn't find one so I had to buy it online. So my first listen was on Spotify, which was disappointing (and a symptom of what Matt described in his comment). On my first listen, I was surprised. What hit me the most was the cohesion. The whole record is kind of like a long song in movements. I think that's cool. Also, I like songs that don't have a chorus. I try to do that myself when I write a song. To me, once you've said something, you don't need to repeat it ad nauseam. I'm not against choruses but I like how a chorusless song is often more creative because you need to have something to say. We all know Matt has a lot to say. He nails this on most of the songs. Initially, it took me a while to appreciate Sicily. I'm not in love with the song but I love the musical structure. I instantly fell in love with One of Them Years, A Momentary Truth, Boobytrapped, Dreading It, Lumière Noire, A Thousand Tons, The Heights and Selling You My Heart (when the single came out). The lyrics to One of Them Years and the strangeness of A Thousand Tons blew me away instantly. Then I got the CD on wednesday and started listening to the record again, on repeat. From there I started loving Your Rainy Sound, Thorn Bird. I don't like Radicals at all. Given Matt's post in this thread, I get what he was going for with the record, but to me, that song misses the target. As for Beauty, Fingernails and Parts, they're OK. The record itself is great though as a whole. Like I said, it's like a long song with different movements. It's definitely got a certain feel to it, you're not going to drive into the sun with the windows down listening to this (and that's not what he was going for). My favourite record from Matt is Lights. This one is more of a curveball (to use his expression) but it's a pretty good one. The only thing missing for me is his epic songs he tends to do. Lights had Non Populus which, to me, is his best song ever. I adore it and still listen to it regularly, Hospital Music had Champions, Vancouver had Empty's Theme Park and so on. But again, from what Matt said, that's not what he was going for, so, fair enough. As for the rock thing mentionned in this thread, I never cared for a style. I listen to everything he has to offer. If he'd release a country record, I'd give it a go. I'm a fan of his writing, music and especially lyrics.
  2. The whole record is classic acoustic Matt. If you're able to tell the difference between a G, a C, a D, an F and an Am, you should be good for the whole thing. Sometimes with a capo, always drop D tuning.
  3. Amazing song but way too short. This would have deserved a Champions of Nothing kind of treatment!
  4. Yes but no. For years Matt has lamented the fact that nowadays in the music business there's no surprise anymore. I remember on one bootleg or interview he said something like "When Kiss had a new album release we knew on the same day". I get the feeling he's going for that with this record. We learnt about Sicily on the day before it was released. I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happened for the second second and if we got the tracklisting the day before the release too.
  5. I think he's talking about Moving Walls but I could be wrong.
  6. Tips

    Sicily Video

    That's a completely different vibe from what I got. When he says "Cause I feel everything and you know maybe it's time I oughta" and the face he does when he sings it, what I got is that he may have been emotionnally numb in some aspects of his life or purposefully ignoring some feelings he had and now he's been able to feel them and/or go through what he had to and feels better now. Also someone on Matt's Instagram complained that it was cheesy to write a song with the name of the city he visited and Matt said that he didn't go to Sicily and that it had nothing to do with the title.
  7. Well he SEEMS to be shooting a video... or this is an interview (based on another picture from from his Instagram where a guy is sitting in a chair next to him)
  8. Yeah I usually try figuring them out on my own because of this. These new versions are all basic chords (whereas before there were a lot open chords). All these have the guitar tuned half a step down Rabbits, capo on third. C : 032010 C (variation he uses sometimes) : 332010 D : 000232 (or 000230) F : 033010 G : 320033 Am : 002210 C/D (I don't know the real name of this chord) : 020010 G/E (I don't know the real name of this chord) : 200033 The first part is C, C/D, G, C, C/D, Am. Then it's F, C, G, C, C/D, Am. Chorus: Em, G, Cadd9, G, G/E, Em Alert Status Red is the same as the record. Men at the Door, capo on second fret (he used to have it on third during the Something Like a Storm tour). Verse: D, Am, C, Em, D Chorus : Am, Em, C Fearless, no capo Verse: Am, G, Em, D Pre-chorus: Em, G, D Chorus : C, Em, G, D Fine Art, capo on 3rd Verse: G, Em, Am, C "Chorus" (The "We're surfacing" and "I'm certain of it" parts) : Em, G, C Hello Time Bomb, no capo Verse: Em, G, Am, C Chorus: Am, C, G, D "Hello Time Bomb, I'm ready to go off" part: Am, C, G, D
  9. Sweet that was the one I wanted most! Thanks! :) Yup! Those 10 songs were the ones that Matt originally recorded live off the floor and presented to Universal in that running order. They asked (or told maybe) him to remove Hopeless as it was too country and to record songs that would become singles. So he recorded Buffalo Seven, In Love With a Bad Idea and Alert Status Red which I believe were not live off the floor and he hid Hopeless at the end of Ex-Pats. I remember In Love With a Bad Idea and Alert Status Red being initially published online as poetry. In Love With a Bad Idea was called Paris Hilton's Vagina then. I don't know whether he meant to make them songs at the time though.
  10. Does anyone have the alternate tracklisting Matt wanted for AOB and WLRRR which he posted on the M+ Blog back in 2010?
  11. That's because it's all a conspiration! But these guys they know the trooff!
  12. This is hilarious... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy9NBcljBaU I wonder if there are any "street exterior turns to dusk"-ers too. I think he/she is actually serious too!
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