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  1. I love the new versions on this EP, it's really interesting to get a new spin on such classic material from the original artist. To me these versions have a more mature sound with less angst. Perhaps a window on how Matt has changed/grown as an artist. I love the original album and I love these new versions, thanks for doing this Matt!
  2. Thank you Emma! Excellent video! Looking forward to Kingston tomorrow..
  3. I have Windows phone (I know, but I love it!) so no app unfortunately.
  4. Seriously I would love that extra poster! The show last night was amazing. Going to Kingston in week...
  5. Two more nights till the Ottawa show, can't wait!!!
  6. Listening to the Los Alamos video from Edmonton (thank you!) I can't help but wonder why idiots in the audience have to talk during the performance. Is there anything that is so important that they can't wait until the song/concert is over, it's so inconsiderate!
  7. I also went to the Grand for the Arrows tour and would definitely go back if Kingston gets added. That said I'm really pleased Matt is going to the NAC here in Ottawa, it has fantastic acoustics.
  8. OK so I'm an idiot! I guess I was tired when I looked at my CD from MM, I briefly looked, saw each track listed and the assumed this was the lyrics. Upon closer inspection I also have an insert with just the notes and who played on which tracks. Sorry for any confusion.
  9. Yes, that's what my CD from MapleMusic has, I would assume it's the same for all CD's? Double check, the booklet is inside the left (cover) side of the CD
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