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  1. I received the email with the 110% credit and after two exchanges was able to get in line for a cash refund.
  2. Some extra info in case anyone is also in this position: I am unable to make the rescheduled date that I purchased VIP for. Emailed sound rink and they were super helpful and transferred my VIP to a different tour date for me. Here’s to hoping this tour actually happens...
  3. Judging on past few years, weather here (Buffalo) has been fairly tame in November. I’m sure that means we will get 7 feet dumped on us by september 1 still planning on my hometown date. Had VIP booked for Kitchener but it is thanksgiving day and we host dinner, so not sure I can get out of that. Going to see if I can transfer the VIP to another show. It’s either that or a refund so hopefully it goes my way.
  4. I like Moving Walls, as a whole. But I freaking LOVE this new experiment. I went into the two new tracks thinking they might be similar to daylight actual and then I was completely blown away. More of this please.
  5. There are no words for it in this moment. Go. Listen. https://www.matthewgood.org/datlight-actual
  6. I’m in Buffalo and was bought VIP for the Kitchener show. They have banned events over 500 people in NY and any over 250 in my county. I highly doubt I’m going to the show. I don’t want any issues trying to come back into the US. Hoping the show gets postponed at least but no word yet. And hoping buffalo either stays as is or postpones.
  7. I am hoping for the same. Would be an amazing opener. I’m interested to see the variation in set lists between the rest of the tour and the acoustic shows.
  8. I think he was saying the rest of the album should have been more like those songs. I agree that everyone should give it more than just one run through. The album is complex, and it takes more than one listen to absorb. The world IS a strange place.
  9. Thanks Matt, for taking the time. I personally can’t wait to hear some of these songs live. Keeping the opener as one of them years would be amazing. A Thousand Tons is going to translate really well too, loving that track. I’m still digesting it as a whole - because there’s a lot to take in. The strings add so much depth. I feel like I want to listen to it immediately after listening to lights, so I might try that later on. Will be interested to see what makes the acoustic cut for Buffalo (thanks for that too!).
  10. Per Matt’s latest IG post. A reworked version of We have done this before, we will do it again looks to be appearing on the new album!
  11. I did the last few VIPs. The sound check is a wonderful experience. One time they did a chat afterward and on the solo tour Matt took a Q & A. In my opinion the biggest advantage is the early entry, and this is only applicable if you are going to a GA venue and value being in the front. Last year a guy did ask to get something autographed but I don’t know that this is the norm for Matt any longer, with trying to keep healthy during the tour. This years swag is I think an autographed set list, which is a weird thing to have before seeing the show. Usually there is a tour poster but the price seems to have gone down so that’s cool. I think there is definitely also a difference between full band vs solo experience. If you’ve never done it before and have the cash to spend, I would go for it.
  12. Damn that was stressful. I intended to book VIP for Buffalo, with thoughts of possibly doing Kitchener depending on the cost, thinking I might add it on in the next few weeks. I had the page for each show pulled up on the computer and at 10 the Buffalo VIP link was not working. At all. I went to the venue page and they had nothing either. Naturally, I panicked. So I went to the kitchener show page and it redirected me to sound rink for VIP just fine. So I said to myself well I guess maybe VIP is not available for Buffalo and that sucks but oh well and proceeded to check out for Kitchener instead. I get to the payment page and because I’m on my work computer, my paypal is not autosaved and I can’t login to save my life. So I try to check out as a guest and when I put my card info in I get errors. I try a different card. Still errors. What in the fresh hell is this. I see my boss walking in my direction with a couple people on a tour of the company. Panic escalates and I peace out to the phone booth room with my phone and my credit cards in hand to go on my “ten minute break”. Once on mobile, I successfully login to PayPal and am able to secure the Kitchener VIP. Now that I am in sound rink I decide to search all the mg shows and lo and behold the buffalo date is on the list. With little hesitation I book VIP for it also. Because fuck it. So stressful. Thank you for listening to my live journal entry for today.
  13. Secured tickets for Buffalo and Kitchener. Buffalo is a no brainer since we live here, but my husband who is amazing, had no qualms about me fitting in a full band show as well. He said he knew I would be disappointed to miss it. So, Kitchener, here we come!
  14. Buffalo! I am so happy. Maybe I will make another show as well if all works out.
  15. Here is Mrs Smith/Time Bomb. It is well worth the listen, imo. I was blown away.
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