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  1. Here is Mrs Smith/Time Bomb. It is well worth the listen, imo. I was blown away.
  2. Montreal was amazing. And the first city to get the load me up challenge right hahaa. For VIP we got selling you my heart and men at the door. Then he started switching between two guitars practicing the opening of Champions. He was really still sick so prob why there was no third song. He seemed in good spirits during Q&A though. The setlist we got for the show was top notch. The only song he didn’t play that I was hoping for was change of season. The transition from Mrs Smith to tomb bomb was magical and I’m going to link to a video once I get it uploaded. There was a very excited young lady at the end of our row who we thought might ruin parts of the show but ended up being not too awful. You can hear her saying “yes” and “I love him” or “I’m so happy” in Every.Single.Song. As always I could have done without apparitions/load/strange but I know they are obligatory. We didn’t get any new songs though not sure ow that compares tot he reatbkf the stops on the tour. I decided to get the moon T-shirt since it was the last one and an ok button. All in all a very good mg night in Montreal, too notch performance. You would never know he is sick otherwise.
  3. http://www.matthewgood.org/news/2019/1/11/the-challenges-of-current-affairs ” Of the fourteen songs I’ve written for the next record, only one dwells in one might characterize as the political realm. One of the great difficulties any writer faces is examining lyrical content so that it’s both timely and timeless. A failed example on my part would be North American For Life from 2004’s White Light Rock And Roll Review in which I specifically evoke George Bush’s name. So there is certainly an art to it. Masters Of War, for example, remains, in my opinion, the greatest lament against conflict and the arms industry ever penned - and it was released in 1963. So it’s a tricky thing. To open this song I had to find a way to characterize both President Trump, his supporters, and the rise of the far right, both in the US and Europe, without it being overly conspicuous. I then had to do the same with regards to other subjects. I tend to get a lot of questions from song writers, be they casual enthusiasts or musicians starting out, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to address this particular topic given I wrote and demoed this track last night. The next two weeks will be spent rehearsing for the tour, so last night’s final “command save” was the end of the writing process for me on this one. I’m very much looking forward to getting into the studio in the spring and laying it down. As is customary, the demo will be taken down shortly.”
  4. New demonianup y’all. Limited time only so go check it out, it’s gorgeous. Ugh. Please excuse my excited typos I can’t edit for some reason
  5. He referenced it recently on IG so hopefully.
  6. Similar in Montreal - usually a standing GA venue with balcony seating but only ticket available was “general admission seated”. An email to Evenko confirmed a seated show, first come first serve.
  7. Some of mine are never going to happen and songs that weren’t released or pre-mgb but what the hell, we can dream right? Dusk Tidal wave Champions of nothing Rabbits Suburbia Truffle pigs Advertising Tripoli House of smoke and mirrors Girl in the war (cover) Flight recorder Prime time deliverance Near fantastica Set me on fire Los alamos Harridan Running for home Empty road Rat who would be king Joe’s in trouble And if Matt is ever taking suggestions for covers I would like to submit Mike Scott’s “A Wild Holy Band” it’s ten minutes of amazing and I think it would be wonderful.
  8. VIP is available now. Price is $109 plus service fee
  9. Presale code is “acoustic” Just worked for me for Montreal. No VIP pricing yet.
  10. Just moved into the new house and having a chance to listen to these. I really wish that I didn’t have to flip sides on AOB between Tripoli and Advertising. Advertising alone is worth this purchase though. Blown away. I love the balance between vocals and instrumentation on This album in particular. (Edit for typos because delirious from renovating and moving)
  11. I am strongly considering the June show in Thorold. Anyone here attending?
  12. Hopefully this works. Last time I had issues uploading from mobile.
  13. Received my replacement today. They sent the sleeve and everything but the shrinkwrap was off. I had mentioned in my email it was ok for them to do that if they needed to check the colour, so that may not be the case for everyone. The white records are beautiful!
  14. Emailed the mg store and they will send a replacement. They said to keep the sleeve and wrappings intact bc they may not be included in the reshipments. They then sent an email out to all who ordered a white copy to check in. Hopefully it doesn't take forever to be rectified. Kinda funny though - the most wanted and hard to find album is reissued and now many people will end up with two or more copies.
  15. Dang. Mine was shipped out this morning, supposedly the white version. Outlook not so good.
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