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  1. Some footage from Matt's acoustic show at the Lexington. Metal Airplanes: http://youtu.be/cvAYeznKIjM Born Losers: http://youtu.be/a9CuSh6mzbs While We Were Hunting Rabbits: http://youtu.be/CkJm3esMQ4U Advertising on police cars: http://youtu.be/b5pK2M2lS4Y Tripoli: http://youtu.be/3LacH9oTqKE Apparitions: http://youtu.be/QYpYKtHMUMU Empty Road: http://youtu.be/S7x2B8RHwic Fated: Load Me Up: http://youtu.be/Fb5o-13-2hk
  2. I think the only two MG songs that I ever skip over are 21st Century Living and Zero Orchestra. Skipping over 21st C also means I get to Rabbits sooner which is one of my favourites ;-)
  3. A bit late weighing in my .02 in on this, Since LOES came out, Non populus has been my most played MG song and truly awesome seeing him play it live on the LOES tour. Honorable mentions to While we were hunting rabbits Single explosion Weapon Annabelle Everything is automatic which holds a special place as the song that hooked me onto MG all those years ago. Tripoli
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