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  1. Interesting, I really like Double Life, but Song For a Girl is song for the trashcan, I hate that song! Not just because I'm a dude, it's just a bad song.
  2. Always wanted to join the military but never did. Played lots of sports and weightlifting so the challenge would have been good motivation but now too old, major respect to all who served, my uncle was in Croatian military. The best rock band is named after the Thompson machine gun.
  3. haha, nicely done. I like all Matt's songs, but mostly the early stuff, love his folks songs from History Teacher, I'm not a fan of some of the moodier darker songs in the last few albums.
  4. I love the 'Cloudbusting' cover, can't stop listening to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXOuSrj3gwk
  5. For many years it was Generation X-Wing, now it's Fought To Fight It. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNC8nHlAgbs
  6. I had a black shirt with the artwork from Audio of Being. I loved that shirt, but it got ruined years ago. I'd swim in shark infested waters to get another one.
  7. it makes me sick it makes me laugh when I look at you clap while it's kicking us around I love this song.
  8. Someone made a claymation video of Apparitions, with incredible detail. It was on YouTube years ago, but the channel is gone now. I am kicking myself for not saving it on my computer. Does anyone have it or know its whereabouts?
  9. Here in Toronto my favourite local breweries are Cameron's and Nickelbrook (both Oakville).
  10. It's the first time Matt responded to me on Twitter or Facebook. Made my day. Thanks, Riley. Sorry, Riley.
  11. 'Field Of Dreams', I saw it last week for maybe the 40th time in my life.
  12. There was a point in time many years ago when I didn't like 'Every Name Is My Name', but I was a different person back then and I really like that song now.
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