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    AC Tour Info

    I would also love a USA show anywhere. Boston, New York, Vegas, where ever - we would love to see you perform!
  2. Woohoo! I'd love the chance to purchase another live recording so I hope the full concert is eventually released (especially for USA fans who didn't make the trip to Canada for the latest tour :)).
  3. Woohoo! I finally caught another demo (thanks!). It sounds great and I can't wait for the new album.
  4. The US fans would definitely love to get another live album (or an acoustic tour again! :))
  5. Out of all the demos I've caught so far, Cold Water is definitely my favorite! I hope it makes the cut on the new album.
  6. It looks like the full Canada Day show was posted on YouTube a few days ago. Here is the link:
  7. Gomo - Thank you for posting this!
  8. It sounds like it's two singles at once. Here is the track listing (taken from http://exclaim.ca/News/matthew_good_returns_with_new_solo_album_canadian_summer_dates): Arrows of Desire: 1. Arrows of Desire 2. Via Dolorosa 3. Had It Coming 4. We're Long Gone 5. So Close 6. Garden of Knives 7. Mutineering 8. Hey Hell Heaven 9. Guns of Carolina 10. Letters in Wartime September 24th release date.
  9. Someone sent me the mp3 so I didn't need to get it here. I do appreciate you posting the dropbox link for me though. Also, it wasn't available in the US or else I would have just bought it. So, this isn't some kind of scam to get a $1 mp3 for free. :)
  10. Hi everyone - I've been searching for the official version of this song too and I just found it here: http://ca.7digital.com/artist/matthew-good/release/all-together It is 4:37 in length which looks longer than the demo versions I've seen. I was going to buy it but it looks like it's only available in the Canadian market and I'm located in the US. Are there any kind souls out there, who are also located in Canada, that could purchase this for me and I'll PayPal them $2 for a copy of the mp3?
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