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  1. Yes, totally. They kept the intensity that MG brings but with a totally modern approach. It's refreshing to hear these songs I love played like this. I have been listening to these 3 songs on repeat all day and have no plan to stop. Would love to hear more covers from these guys.
  2. Thanks for posting. These covers are really interesting. I like how they put their own spin on the songs. The recording quality is very high. I have a feeling I will be listening to these quite a bit.
  3. Super excited about this show. However, I will be traveling next Friday and unable to attend live. Does anyone know if it will be recorded or "on demand"? I will gladly buy a ticket and watch the show later that evening.
  4. Welcome John!! I am very intrigued!!! Please tell your story!
  5. I just downloaded the live version of Prime Time Deliverance... it is amazing. Does anyone know why MG didn't do some kind of Live Recording of his latest acoustic tour? Why didn't CBC want to produce a show about it? Literally every single other Canadian artist has some kind of CBC unplugged show. Dallas Green has at least a few (which are great). MG never gets any attention from Canadian media. It is a shame because that tour was one of the best I've ever seen. There are great bootleg recordings which I listen to but they are nothing compared to a professionally recorded and mixed live show/album. Imagine if CBC produced "Matthew Good: Solo Acoustic from Vancouver" from that tour. He has never sounded better. What a missed opportunity and a shame.
  6. What are the other Vancouver digital acoustic bonus tracks?? Can you post more information about these tracks or, ideally, links to download? THANKS!
  7. Thanks for the advice. I've figured out a few songs.... a few more to work on. Tons of fun!
  8. I'm sure there are a number of talented musicians on the Bored. Is anyone willing to tab/chord out the album? There are some great MG tab sites out there but most stopped a few albums ago. This album is so great and it seems like most of the songs are anchored by acoustic guitar. It would be awesome if someone could help out us novice players by tabbing out the songs. Huge Thanks in advance!!!!
  9. Wowowowoowowow listening now. Unbelievable!!!!!! Released on YouTube Music... I imagine everywhere else. wowowowow this is so good!!!! https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_l_X7PXxbw2nxDiCEIqlh1TQVAFkRsNZEw
  10. Video just uploaded to YouTube. Pretty good!
  11. Has anyone seen a track list for Moving walls? The album release is about a month away and normally MG has released way more info by now. I am hoping "Selling you my Heart" made it onto the final album. I can't wait until Feb 21. I realize that title might be a little click bait so I'm sorry.
  12. Thank you @adam_777!! Great post. Very interesting comments. I am going to listen to Avalanche right now!
  13. It's funny you should say that. Of all the MGB albums, the Audio of Being is probably the one I listen to the most. Sure, BM is good but there is something about Audio of Being that keeps bringing me back. Matt has also reworked a bunch of the songs and plays them live all the time even today which shows the quality of the songs themselves. Man of Action!!
  14. Great post!! I find myself always coming back to Chaotic Neutral. It is becoming my favorite album, period. When it first came out I listened to it a few times and thought it was good but over time it just gets better and finds more play in my streaming rotation. I wish MG would play more songs live. Can you imagine seeing Harridan or Tiger by the Tail live?? Even back then I don't think he played these songs. Hospital Music, Avalanche, and Lights are my other favorites.
  15. Love the new song. Has anyone heard when the album will be released? Also, does anyone know if the song "Selling you my Heart" which he played off and on during the acoustic tour, is going to be on the album. He played it in Edmonton and the song is unreal. @Gursky has a great recording out there.
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