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  1. He released 3 new songs and they are awesome. I grabbed them while they were up. DM me and I can put them into a Google Folder to share with you. Actually, the links are still live from where I DLd them. Thanks to @RickDalton for posting this on the Tribus thread, which is now locked. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/52f12872e4b06acd907e7ea3/t/606ce754286e044e6a0cc7d8/1617749861013/05-Lost+and+Found+Kids-CPS-VR2.3.mp3/original/05-Lost+and+Found+Kids-CPS-VR2.3.mp3 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/52f12872e4b06acd907e7ea3/t/606ce893e009de7583199f29/1617
  2. Got it. Thanks. I guess I could have figured that out on my own. lol
  3. Has anyone ripped them into good quality mp3? Willing to share a link to download?
  4. I would love to hear that 16th song. Moving Walls is awesome. When it first came out I was floored by it but then sort of forgot about it. I've been listening more and more over the last few weeks and think it is his best album in a while. Hopefully we get another one.
  5. Does anyone have any demos or B sides MG recorded during the Moving Walls sessions? I seem to recall him posting little clips on Instragram with no real context. Just trying to find some new MG material.
  6. Thanks!! Not sure why that other link is dead.
  7. OH NO!!!! I just tried to listen to these songs and it looks like they are gone. Did anyone download the tracks? If so, are you willing to share?
  8. Yup. Totally agree. Cancel culture is very real and was created by people like Matt.... constantly preaching about his left wing virtues. Love his music!
  9. The irony is that decades of Matt’s virtue signaling and left wing ranting is partly why cancel culture exists. I guess those who preach the loudest are usually the worst culprits.
  10. Is this the end? Do you think MG will address this?
  11. Weird. Now there is a link to this instagram post. Don't know what is going on. **Removed Link**
  12. Yes, totally. They kept the intensity that MG brings but with a totally modern approach. It's refreshing to hear these songs I love played like this. I have been listening to these 3 songs on repeat all day and have no plan to stop. Would love to hear more covers from these guys.
  13. Thanks for posting. These covers are really interesting. I like how they put their own spin on the songs. The recording quality is very high. I have a feeling I will be listening to these quite a bit.
  14. Super excited about this show. However, I will be traveling next Friday and unable to attend live. Does anyone know if it will be recorded or "on demand"? I will gladly buy a ticket and watch the show later that evening.
  15. Welcome John!! I am very intrigued!!! Please tell your story!
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