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  1. Does anyone else here know what i mean when i write that? Its supposed to be a rimshot, as in after a joke punchline...
  2. Id be a Bustin Jeiber... Badum tish
  3. So like, anyone else liking this show?
  4. What are the better ones and is there not an XBOX emlator?
  5. Great show Comments?
  6. Anyone think this will be good?
  7. New album should rock...don't ya think...apparantly near completion, early 2014...
  8. Weezer and on a second occasion, porno for pyros in ogdensburg new york, small venue, great crowds, epic in my mind anyway... Ween in montreal and on another occasion cake at the spectrum, that was a great tiny venue, up close and personal
  9. Have ya heard Down in the park cover of a gary newman song? Its awesome...
  10. Google and rearrange you lateralus album tracklist to whats known as the Holy Gift
  11. Its why i say hey mom nice shirt, nice shirt mom
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