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  1. Thanks for taking time to respond, RileyLewis and uglyredhonda. Much appreciated! I did lots of researching, and couldn't find a way around the crazy costs for one-way rental cars. So, whereas the original plan was more of a cross country route, I really had no choice but to keep the start and end point the same. Love the Ontario tips, uglyredhonda, but unfortunately October is a busy month, so my trip needs to be in November. That said, I booked flights to Calgary last night. My plan is to spend a few days exploring the Canadian Rockies (fingers crossed for managable weather), then drive east to the Medicine Hat show (bought tickets), maybe hit Edmonton the next day (still TBD) and wrap it up with the Calgary show on Nov. 15 (hooked up the VIP tickets). Fly home to North Carolina the next day. Would ideally like to hit more provinces, but given costs and the time of year, sticking to Alberta is probably the best way for me to go. Solo trip, so that'll be interesting, but memorable for sure. Pretty excited. Thank you again.
  2. Hi folks. Never seen Matt live (I live in North Carolina), but I'm considering taking a week in early November to follow the tour for 4-5 dates. I've also never been to the western part of Canada, so not exactly sure how feasible (or sane) this is, especially during one of the colder months of the year. So, you guys tell me, is it crazy to pick up in Thunder Bay (Nov. 5) and drive along the tour, flying back home from Edmonton the following Monday? The wife may be giving me a pass for this (she's not an MG fan), and I think it could be one heck of an adventure, driving across four provinces. Bucket list kind of thing. Anyway, from what I've seen online, looks like car rental options are ridiculously expensive (they screw you on the mileage), so that might be a back-breaker. Any tips on cheap rentals in Canada? Sorry for the drive-by post, but figured this would be a great place to ask for some help / tips from fellow fans. Pete
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