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  1. Do you still have this available? I'm in SA, would be interested in buying.
  2. Apparently I've got no PM capability. Oh well. In thread it is then, if anyone is willing to sell.
  3. Hello everyone - I found myself having to move last year to attend school, and I made the mistake of putting many of my household goods in storage. When I took them out of storage 8 months later, a few of my things had been stolen. ("Unfortunately misplaced", as the storage company told me, right before they explained that they were in no way liable.) One of the things I lost was a framed Loser Anthems poster (#448), along with a personal photo album and other framed pictures. I've been searching high and low to find another one, but to no avail. So, my question to you, fellow fans is this: Do any of you have a copy of this poster that you would be willing to part with? It would make me so happy if I could own it again. Please PM me and name your price. Thank you.
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