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  1. No. I didn't put a link up yet. In reading it I noticed my code isn't catching/correcting special characters like the "ï" in "naïve", so it displays as random garbage on the kindle. I need to fix those before I kick the link out. I also need to filter the entries that were included in his published book. I've read about 1/4 of the book over the past month and that vast majority of his 2005-2006 entries are about the "war on terror" in Iraq and Afghanistan, of course, and it's been a haunting thing to read those now a decade later with the same war/propaganda cycle repeating itself as alway
  2. I realized in reading the first bit of it that many of the entries from the pre-2001 period are in his book. I'll redact those and put a note in them about them being available in the book, with a link to the book. Btw here's the book if you haven't heard of it: https://www.amazon.com/Last-There-Nothing-Left-Say/dp/189466308X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1488313575&sr=8-1&keywords=matthew+good+nothing+say Also, there are more than 1,000 entries / chapters. Some of them are one-liner jokes, but not many.
  3. I've scraped matt's journals from 1999-2007 from web archive (the "Way way back machine", or whatever). With a bit of code this evening, I've converted the journals into one long html / pdf with the intention of reading the content on my kindle. To say Matt's prolifically creative is a massive understatement. The PDF is 775 8.5"x11" pages, multiply that by 150% for kindle pages. It'll be a very long read. I can convert it to kindle epub format fairly easily too. Is there any interest in having this in the downloads section of this forum? I'm happy to provide the source files as w
  4. I guess I'm glad I was in the middle of the crowd a few rows back. Nobody ever bothered me about shooting all of those videos I posted on youtube, not once. I wasn't putting my phone in front of people or anything, it was always just in front of my face (or a little higher sometimes without worry b/c i'm tall, nobody behind me was taller than me). Matt's still cool with people bootlegging/videoing a few songs here and there, or?
  5. Vids from tonight's show: Failing the Rorschach Test: Advertising On Police Cars: Apparitions (full): I Miss New Wave:
  6. Uploaded a number of videos from the Feb 17 show in Vancouver on youtube, starting with Giant: Strange Days: The Future Is X-Rated: New Song: Weapon: (end of) Apparitions:
  7. A few weeks back MG posted a blog about the possibility of releasing the back catalog on vinyl: http://www.matthewgood.org/blog/2014/2/24/vinyl-catalogue-discussion Now, the site's music page says this: VINYL RELEASES We are currently working on having all studio releases available on vinyl. Check back for updates. http://www.matthewgood.org/music/ I can't wait.
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