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  1. I'm currently reading "A night to remember" by Walter Lord.
  3. Technically, vaccinated people can still spread the virus and get sick (technically, but odds are low). They're just less likely to die or have severe side effects. What's starting to upset me now is this sudden dumping on unvaccinated people, which is awful. Like everything is now their fault. People need to stop this rhetoric. Pretty soon, there's no longer going to be a "left" vs "right" polarization. It's going to turn into an unvaccinated vs vaccinated polarization. If you want people to be vaccinated, vilifying them won't make it happen. Communicating, educating and being open to discuss
  4. Awe man, those things are awful. Thankfully, I don't normally see them because I use Ublock Origin on my desktop browser. No youtube ads, no facebook ads. Its great! On my phone though... arg.
  5. Lots of older artists don't even bother recording albums anymore anyway. They are a lot of work and there is no money in them anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if Matt stopped recording albums and just released singles to be streamed every now and then. Honestly, the average person has no clue about all of this controversy and I wouldn't be surprised if Matt continued to tour randomly after COVID and all of this blows over. He would probably still sell out venues because most people who know about him and would go see him, don't come to sites like this, and considering the lack of press
  6. COVID is related to the same virus as SARS. They have been working on vaccines for this virus type for many years. Its not like they just created one in x1 year. Also yes we've have unprecedented cooperation and sharing of information by scientists and money thrown at COVID due to its effect on the global economy. You're darn right they're going to sort this out fast because the world economy depends on it. Funding for research is a major factor for sure. In reality there is only so much money to go around and only so many resources available at any given time and any given place. Its al
  7. Project: Vintage DOS/Win98 gaming machine is complete! (sans 3.5 " floppy drive). Specs: Motherboard: Epox brand, Slot 1 CPU, Intel 440bx chipset, x1 AGP 3.3v slot, x4 PCI slots, x3 ISA slots. SD and EDO RAM compatibility. First gen USB. 66 or 100mhz FSB. CPU: Pentium III 600mhz RAM: 512MB SDRAM 133 running at 100mhz with timings 2-2-2. VIDEO: Voodoo 3 2000 AGP 16MB @ 2x AGP speed. (For late 90s glide API games and DOS). Geforce4 4200 128MB AGP 8x (For early 00's Quake 3 engine and newer games). Sound: ISA Sound blaster 16 Vibra S with onboard
  8. I had the original version of "All together" in MP3 format for years but lost it when I was trying to partition my HDD. Under older versions of windows, during installation you could clear a partition and only install on that without having to clear the whole drive, unfortunately with windows 10 installation, I couldn't do that and I lost everything. (Maybe it was windows 7). Anyway, I liked the unmastered version better. I don't like the creepy circus music they added and the weird sound effect. Its ok but meh thats me.
  9. For my parents this would be April Wine. MGB is the April Wine of our era. Most people are like "April who?" Then they hear a song and go ooooh yeah I recognize that. MG and MGB are that now. I work with lots of younger women in their early to late 20s who don't know who mg or mgb is but play Weapon and they go "oh yeah ok". Play time bomb though... nope sorry.
  10. Tito Santana you're nothing but garbage. Lol.
  11. I think the whole reason why this thread has been left alone is because the admin knows people are shocked, upset and need to let their feelings out with each other this way. We've created our own little community here that's been around for years. We've interacted with each other (albeit more infrequently over the years) not just on this forum, but also, other past forum's going on 20 or more years now. People are "letting it out" so to speak and the admin is letting us do this. So that being said, I don't think you'll be banned. That's my opinion of course, but there it is. Everyone has
  12. It took 2 years, but I finally made my own video for my son.
  13. This. This is how I feel. Thanks Daniel! What I said earlier (and deleted) just sounded bad.
  14. I'm finally taking a shot a GTA V. It's been really fun! Recently did a run through a bunch of Wolfenstein games, Outer Worlds, Star Wars Squadrons (played roughly 50%, got bored), Terminator Resistance, Shadow Warrior (played 25% got bored), Cyberpunk 2077, Prey.
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