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  1. My show was cancelled unfortunately. Oh well, shit happens. Maybe next time. I hope the venue gives me a refund. I've already sent in the request.
  2. I just finished Trials of Mana. That was really fun! I'm going to do another run with the 3 characters I didn't use. It will be a challenge since I won't have any healers or mage's but the item system is pretty good at keeping you alive. I'm having trouble keeping interest in Jedi Fallen Order, but I'll keep at it.
  3. That is so weird because I was watching this on YouTube just 2 weeks ago.
  4. What I meant was use an older model TV to play it. If you're using a PS2 I can assume you are, unless you have it hooked up to an HDTV then it will look really bad. If you have an oldstyle TV laying around, use that and it will look better.
  5. Try playing it on your PS3 using a CRT TV or SDTV and it will look better. Currently playing Trials of Mana on PC and it's amazing! Fun and enjoyable experience. Also playing Jedi fallen order. I recently did a run through Evil Within. I found it gorgeous, but very boring.
  6. I just beat Resident evil 3 Remake twice in x2 days (once on Normal and once on Hard). The game looks great, plays great, though it lacks the polish of RE2 remake. It's also very short, and really could have just been DLC for RE2 its that short imo. Just did a run of Walking dead 1, 2 and New Frontier for my wife, I'm currently in the middle of a run of Dragon Quest XI, and have been playing halo MCE co-op with my bro on Steam. I have the time now because I can't go back to work until my COVID-19 test results come in. (Fingers crossed).
  7. I honestly feel that Dave and Matt (and the band) were Lightning in a bottle to a degree. The talent there all combined together was just magic, that we will never see again.
  8. Sly Botts


    Today is my son's birthday... he would have been 11. We're having Kraft Dinner (Mac and Cheese) with chocolate cake for supper. Some of his favourite foods. It also happens to be autism awareness day, he had Asperger's. He loved video games. Mine-craft, Super Mario, Zelda (Breath of the Wild), Pokemon. I introduced him when he was 3 years old. He started with Mario 3 on GBA. He beat Breath of the Wild when he was 8 years old. He also loved the music from video games. He would sit in the van with the GBA to his ear listening to the music from the Final Fantasy Beastiary. He also liked the music from Undertale and Chrono Trigger. It's a good day though you know. Life is good, don't take anything for granted.
  9. I forgot to add: Props to Matt for continuing his tour despite personal tragedy and crazy world events. Take care man. "And we go on" W. Bird
  10. My opinion hasn't changed. It's a nice sounding album with a few good gems. Not my favourite of his solo work but still some good songs. The album definitely starts out strong for me though (Tracks 1 through 6). Thanks Matt.
  11. I'm going no matter what! I've waited over a DAMN DECADE for Matt to come back to Sault Ste Marie and I'm not going to miss this! I've been telling people at work who are my age or close to it, to go see it! (Most people my age or slightly older all know who he is).
  12. Link is invalid now. New one: https://discord.gg/fUCEht
  13. Hey guys I started a Matt Good Fan Discord server. Just a simple thing, if anyone wants to hang out there and live chat or voice chat. It's nothing complicated but Discord is becoming a "thing" and I use it often, having great conversations with people who share similar interests. Anyhow. https://discord.gg/kQKq7K (If this is the wrong place for this, feel free to move the thread)
  14. Its probably my least favourite song on the album. Its also different to hear Matt sing in French. It sounds like he's doing an alright job of it though! It is neat in its own way.
  15. Hey I was just thinking this! It is odd. Maybe there are copyright issues or maybe something in the video YouTube doesn't like.
  16. I really enjoyed the first episode. However, my opinion is basically this. It is a good show, but its not "star trek" or not good "star trek". Star Trek is supposed to be bright, altruistic, humans have evolved etc;. This is like a slap in the face to what Star Trek was. This kind of stuff is good for alternate reality type episodes but I think they are trying to build on some future where the Federation collapses. They are basically making people act like 21st century humans and it's annoying. Its not Star Trek and I'm not a troll for thinking or saying it. The inmates are running the asylum. People are also writing for the show who don't know anything about Star Trek, there is no effort like in the previous series to try and pay tribute to Gene's vision.
  17. I was listening to Matt's new album while playing Half-Life 2 update yesterday. (I find I really absorb music when I'm doing something like chores or playing a game while listening). Definitely different from other works but also sounds similar to songs from various albums. As I predicted for myself, there are a few good gems on this album, same as previous ones for me. Listening to boobytrapped actually makes me think of driving on the highway at night. I really like that song. As far as recent albums go, I really love Army of Lions from Chaotic Neutral. My kids do too. My son (RIP) would ask me to play it if he knew I was playing Matt Good in the Van. So now I think of him in his seat in the back of the van, every time I hear that song. For me, Matt still has it, I'm just at a point in my life were different things resonate with me differently. I find though that I can still find those gems, which says more compared to lots of other artists out there for me. Thanks for coming out Matt! See in in the Sault in March.
  18. I agree with Williammunny11, good for you. One of my biggest disagreements with environmental activism is around the "child" argument, however I'm not going to get into that because I just wanted to say as per William, good for you. Do the best you can with what you have. Take care.
  19. Everyone had a guestbook too! Or a visit counter lol. I remember "Frames" being a thing too. Coding in HTML.
  20. I used to think this was his attitude back during his Avalance / White Light Rock & Roll Review era, being really hard on his early MGB songs and now even with some of his Underdog stuff (which I consider some of his best stuff). It's hard to say now, he has so much material, I could imagine going to a show to be just utterly fantastic. Can't wait until March.
  21. I like this song however when I first saw the video, I didn't think I liked the song. But when I re-listened to it on Spotify with no visuals and just raw music, I realized that I loved it. The atmosphere of the song really hits me. The reverb, the instrumentation, etc; the video does not do it justice but that doesn't mean the video is bad either. I think if I had listened to the song first, that would have been better. Since Hospital Music, I find there are usually 2 sometimes 3 songs that I find amazing or really good on the album. I think this may be one of them. I recommend listening to it while driving or in a quiet place alone with your thoughts to really let it hit you.
  22. It interesting, I was watching some of that footage of MGB on Much Music during their LOTGA days and Matt seemed so excited and full of energy, then you see some of the late Underdogs, early BM era footage and you can see a change in his demeanour a little. Things starting to wear on him.
  23. Yeah I'm not really feeling it either. I look forward for the rest of the album though as he usually has some good gems regardless.
  24. I've been playing Deep Rock Galactic and Sea of Thieves with my friends. Both Good co-op games.
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