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  1. i met them after the matt good show in kingston. they're really nice guys! i was talking to the singer and i was saying that i really liked their music, and he was like "ya, i'm amazing", so i asked if he was amazingly drunk, and he told me that if you're gonna do anything, whether its drinking or playing music, you've got to put all you've got into it. such a wise man.
  2. the absolute best part of that day was when this homeless guy in a colourful shirt wanted to eat bits & bites out of my friend's hand.....weird. but ya that parking guy was pretty hilarious too.
  3. i'll be there, along with some other people from ottawa. should be awesome!!
  4. i think i might have figured out the lyrics. i know they aren't perfect, so feel free to correct me: this pit of land (this line i'm really not sure about) the air don
  5. better lie down and move all sharp objects away.....cause from what i understand, and from what happened last year, the ONLY way to get in, is to win tickets from the bear. fortunately, they give away a pair of tickets pretty much every hour. but that requires listening to the radio a lot, which i don't. well i guess i will now, cause i really, really want to go, but i'm not going to be happy about it. stupid radio station....
  6. apparently 106.9 the bear is having another "the best year of your life" contest. matt good is playing the concert at the capital music hall (last year it was the tragically hip), where you can win money and more cool stuff. hopefully i can win tickets..... you can get more details at http://www.thebear.fm
  7. i can't believe he played suburbia....i think i would have passed out. can't wait for the full tour!!
  8. i live in ottawa and i still missed them twice.....i'm still kicking myself for missing the december show....
  9. at the montreal show this fall, matt slid across the stage and was playing right in front of me and then he accidentally dropped his pick down my shirt. other than that i've gotten a setlist and pat gave me a drumstick
  10. its not a gospel song. its a joke. matthew good isnt actually nominated for anything this year ;) vote for him for the fan choice thing though. he wont win, but i feel better having voted. stupid junos.....dont recognize good records...
  11. crusader: when is this interview taking place?? is it in person??
  12. what is that quote from?? its so incredibly familiar but i cant remember where from.
  13. but i had already bought these songs....thats why i'm asking for help. i dont want to buy them all again with my precious nf dollars
  14. i asked about this a while ago, and i was told that reliance and should've been a super villain were never really made into songs, they were just poems.
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