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  1. So many new demos it's awesome! I can't wait to hear what the album is like. It's always fun seeing which songs he actually uses. So far I hope all these demos are on it.
  2. Can't wait for the completed song!! I love the music before the vocals come in. Bit if a different sound then the other demos... And I like it!!
  3. loving these tracks. cant wait to hear how they all sound on the finished product. some of these definately will become favourites.
  4. those are the best concerts, when youre going crazy with everyone and as soon as someone gets knocked down, everyone gets them back up and into the crazniess again. ive come back from concerts with the most random bruises and bumps lol. gotta love it.
  5. i cant wait for this new album! one of the few artist i still get just as excited for when putting out new material. love hearing the process to, another thing i love about matt.
  6. I can't wait to hear what he comes up with next. I'm really loving the new demos even if he said he's going to start over. It's so nice to hear his process before he starts putting together new albums. I've listened to something like a storm at least 10 times already lol.
  7. I completely agree. It's one of those albums you just put on and let it flow right through. I find those albums are harder to come by these days.
  8. Right now I'm loving Garden of Knives. Such a good track.
  9. anyone able to share this track? i havent even heard it yet :(
  10. did anyone get this demo? id love to hear it
  11. I must say I'm pretty excited for Sonic Highways. Both the album and the tv show. Dave grohl always thinks of the coolest ways to record albums.
  12. good find i actually quite enjoy this. i didnt like it at first but after a minute or so i got into it. sweet vocals.
  13. Personally I think it's an awesome album. Different but still feels like Gaslight. Kind of like when the Beatles first started to experiment a little at first on Rubber Soul/Revolver. It's not crazy different, but it has more layers and a couple new feels to it.
  14. yeah i bought the plugins for garageband since they were only $5. have looked into guitar rig and superior drummer, just a little pricey. might get them in the future for sure though cause im going to need them at some point. hard to get a band together these days so just been doing demos for at least something to do.
  15. Yay this is awesome! I take back what I said about another live album (although an acoustic album would still be pretty sweet). Probably going to be listening to these all weekend now lol. Thanks again!!
  16. I completely agree. No matter how I'm feeling or what kind of day I'm having there's always a MG/MGB song that I can listen to or get stuck in my head. Or even songs I'll forget about then hear again and just be into it like it's the first time hearing it. Not many artists or bands can do that for me.
  17. These covers are actually pretty! I really like the chaotic neautral one
  18. Welcome back! I just recently signed up after visiting the site/forums for the last few years (off and on) and dont know why i never signed up before. It's awesome to be part of the forum.
  19. thank you for the suggestion! im loving these. a lot different then the blogs he writes now (to an extent) its really cool seeing how hes changed over the years even in his writing. love it.
  20. Last movie I watched was Freaked. If you like cheesy but classic b-movies, check it out!! Has a couple actors you'll definately recognize.
  21. The most epic concert I've been to would have to be the foo fighters. They put on an incredible show. They really get involved with the audience. Halfway through Dave played an acoustic set that blasted back with the full band. Other than that I'd have to say alice cooper. Crazy stage show.
  22. Is live road still up? Tried one link but I ended up with a 404... Or is there another place or anyone that I can get the tracks from possibly? Would be so thankful!!
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