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  1. What's the history with these? Are old ones archived here somewhere? Thanks for helping the newbie :)
  2. I really like Craig- fantastic voice!! Love his looper too. Caught some of his live stream and that was fun. I would go to a show of his for sure!
  3. I was at the VIP on Sat. It was just too cold. The show was just amazing. I for some reason just got floored by the intensity of Failing the Rorschach Test at the sound check and I never really recovered. The whole experience was extremely surreal in that I totally got dragged back to the 90's. It was just so crazy resonant and powerful I that I felt drunk with it all some how. This all sounds so crazy and hyperbolic but it was a really weird (but awesome) experience for me! I'm so thankful I got to be there even if I did feel like a crazed teenager again!
  4. I really hope so. I really really do!!
  5. I really did make that noise that girls make when they see little baby animals that are cute. Not that Matt is a little baby animal. I just got a bit transported back to 1999 when I made that noise a lot.
  6. Got my VIP and GA for the March 11th Toronto show! Yay! This and my trip to Mexico should help me get through the winter!!
  7. I am doing this exact same thing right now. Left it open all night.
  8. yes, I think so. Feels very early when I think back to it.
  9. I want that news. I'm excited!!
  10. Jealous! I saw them live once at Mel Lastman's square I think. It was a short show and someone pissed Matt off. They left early I think. It's hazy as it was so long ago and I wasn't a fan at that time, just sort of.... there.
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