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  1. CONFRONT: Well, we’re definitely glad you got through all that and that you’re still around making music. MATT GOOD: Yeah, no shit. hahahahahaha
  2. moment, kid down the well and no liars are :wub: i'm warming up to sons and daughters. the rest sounds like Matt on autopilot to me. i'll have to give it a few more spins.
  3. Matt manages to turn out a few corkers during every cycle but he's been using more and more meandering, unmemorable melodies since Hospital Music. i think the guy has a real gift for catchy music, but for whatever reason tends to want to downplay it. Arrows was a step in the right direction for me. i'd love for him to combine that immediacy with his more experimental music. i guess i do like Sons & Daughters enough, but i'm surprised it got first release over something like No Liars.
  4. sounds pretty good to me. i'm really liking the fact that he kept the pitch-bending synthesizer playing "in-between notes" from arrows of desire.
  5. Great lyrics! Wish I could've heard the tune.
  6. i guess i just prefer his melodic side. granted i haven't heard all of the new demos, but the three he most recently posted just sound so uninspired to me. i'm likely one of the few who thinks Matt's at his best when he's playing concise pop music with great words.
  7. i really liked arrows of desire and felt it was somewhat of a return to form, but i'm with you on these new demos. all mood, no song.
  8. Matt, what's your angle for this record?
  9. the chorus of bad pennies is good too. i mean, maybe the words aren't your favourite, but melodically, i wouldn't change it. the song has great momentum and is pretty much structurally perfect as is. don't be afraid of accessibility and immediacy. it's one of your greatest strengths. but it also seems (seemed) to freak you out.
  10. Hey Hell Heaven is easily my favourite, and maybe one of my favourite Matt Good songs ever!
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