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  1. I've been to 20 MG shows and can't think of a single time he's said anything before leaving when the encore is finished.
  2. Here's a few of my pics from last night. I was in an awkward lighting spot so many of my photo's (and video's) got a terrible light glow in them. Also loved how the monkey head shirt and "lights out" shirt replicate the inside of the Beautiful Midnight CD case.
  3. Stu was having issues from the start tonight. That whole "I can't think of anything to say" bit from Matt was him trying to kill time while they were working on Stu's IEM. I believe he ended up taking them out as Matt made a comment later and Stu motioned there was nothing in his ear to hear him. Definitely a lot of drunk people. I was 3 rows back and I can't count the numbers of times I was pushed by people trying to get closer to the front or people pushing me further into my seat (I was end of the aisle) so when security walked by it looked like they belonged there. Had one guy if I thought he was a threat so he could move closer and I think security tossed him. Him and his girlfriend reeked of booze.
  4. Encore Tonight: Advertising on Police Cars Decade Apparitions Weapon I know I was definitely part of the Police Cars vote! First time hearing that since 2007 and first time with a whole band!
  5. I can't wait for Friday. It's probably my favorite song off Beautiful Midnight and I've waited 20 years to hear it live. I didn't think I actually ever would. This recording just makes me even more excited. I was going to steer clear of any recordings of it but caved. I was so worried this would be like Symboilstic White Walls where when I finally get to hear it, it's a shell of the original (no bass or keyboards). This sounds better then how it is on Beautiful Midnight. Wish he released this on the revisited album!
  6. The Eels - I Need Some Sleep (it sounds close to like something Matt would write) Genesis - Dancing With the Moonlit Knight (This would definitely have to be tuned down a little as I don't think Matt could hit the high notes. Anything Peter Gabriel would be awesome though) Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak (I know there was a tweet a couple tours ago where they were jamming Thin Lizzy. Would have loved to hear them play that on stage on night)
  7. Did anyone have a picture (or maybe I missed it on my mobile) of the monkey mask shirt? It appears I will be broke after this tour. So many awesome shirts! The "Lights Out" one is a must have for me!
  8. He opened with Truffle Pigs. Also played Prime Time Deliverance, Tripoli, While We Were Hunting Rabbits and Symbolistic White Walls.
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