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  1. Yeah, for sure. As one would. I've heard their shows are pretty excessively loud a la Mogwai, but not the quality thing.
  2. Really? Shit. Hopefully the fine folks at VU figure it out ...
  3. Yeah! Me too. That's why I mentioned the self-distribution, because I would like to own one as well haha. Usually bands based in the UK, I wait until they tour in the hope that they bring vinyl with them. Had to wait three years for Yndi Halda to do this, for instance, but it was worth the wait - they released their most recent record "Under Summer" on "cookies and cream" coloured vinyl. It's gorgeous. Slightly related, but Twilight Sad is also touring, if you've heard of them...they are very much in the same sonic space as WWPJ - broody, crescendo-ey, really fucking loud, and unabashed S
  4. "Our new album, 'The More I Sleep The Less I Dream', will be released September 14th. Preorder your copy from the link in our bio. PLUS, head over to Brooklyn Vegan right now for an exclusive stream of our first single, 'Hanging In'. Link available in our Instagram stories." I followed the link ... vinyl available at shows!
  5. In the tour announcement video on their instagram, it certainly sounds like a new tune. Don't recognize it otherwise, but I could be wrong.
  6. I had to google who that is, but similar glasses and hairstyles along with strong cheekbones .... a passing resemblance.
  7. Did you go to the show two years ago at Lee's?? I went right as I was getting super into them and it was sooooooooooo good. Loud and high energy and ...wow
  8. Just got my tickets for this on Friday, myself! Also, got Radiohead on Friday, MG in Guelph on Aug 2, Godspeed You! Black Emperor August 16th, and The Joy Formidable in November.
  9. Approximately 20-25 songs, in total. He played for much longer than is typical. I saw two shows on that tour, and one was longer than the other (I think because it was Toronto vs. Hamilton), but they were long sets. He would drink wine between songs and banter more than is usual as well.
  10. To me, this sounds peaceful AF. And mature. The fact that you seem to express a sort of guilt for not feeling more, I think, is completely natural. You are affable and responsive and able to be empathetic without being too attached. That makes you good at your job. From the sounds of it, we need more of folks like you around the healthcare system.
  11. The Last of Us is my go-to game I go back to every time there isn't anything out that I am super pumped about. It's also kinda scary and I scare easy so I only play when the wife is around haha
  12. I don't remember the rumours, but that does sound like par for the course with regards to the Metro. That place was the wild west, in every sense of the phrase. I don't think I ever formed an opinion either way about her, but I kinda want to say that she worked as a bartender/server/hostess at the time (I want to say at a strip club) and she had a journal where she wrote about her experiences and it was harrowing/interesting/really fun to read. I would have been 18-19, so yeah, it's been a long time. She was definitely a huge MG fan and if I remember correctly, when there would be personality
  13. Yes, that was her. Good memory. I couldn't remember her handle for the life of me.
  14. I also remember her from way back when. Haha. Wow, you guys just took me back...
  15. Brantford show announced, at the Sanderson Centre March 7th http://www.sandersoncentre.ca/Event/TabId/128/ArtMID/557/ArticleID/589/Matthew-Good-–-Solo-Acoustic.aspx
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