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  1. Hey pals! With the exception of 2 of the loser anthems, which I will sell separately, I'm thinking I'll list these on ebay. If any serious buyers are interested beforehand, please contact me via email caveandcanyon@gmail.com Will post links here when they're up. Thanks! Thanks!
  2. Great collections everyone! I have all albums, many signed.(up to Vancouver) Blue loser anthems (signed) His book (signed) Avalanche LP (signed) A bunch of signed setlists from 2003 - 2007 One of Pat Steward's signed drumsticks from a show in Edmonton (not sure if he still tours with Matt) And this collection of rare radio single and album releases (photo attached) :)
  3. Hello friends! The time has come for me to part with my collection of MG collectibles. In this lot, I have the following: The advance radio release of Underdogs Radio singles: Everything is automatic Apparitions Indestructible Rico Load me up The future is x rated Strange days Antipop Carmelina Weapon Near fantastica In a world called catastrophe Fell in love with a bad idea Alert status red 3 x sealed, unopened loser anthems #'s 01145,24610,24602 Any takers? Debating on listing the lot on ebay, but would rather sell all at once to a mega fan.
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