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  1. Cloudbusting Army of Lions - in theme with the video its one of my favourite driving songs Girls in Black Cold Water Kid Down the Well Los Alamos All You Sons and Daughters Harridan Moment No Liars Tiger by the Tail Still regularly listen to this album and even the lowest ranked songs for me on the album are great. Cloudbusting is easily one of my favourite songs ever. Great album.
  2. What did everyone think of the latest episode "Babylon"?
  3. Does anyone actually know the number of posts required for the lounge?
  4. So I finally got around to listening to the releases tonight. I loved the sound of Beautiful Midnight, and Raygun was also good. Had a funny experience with Raygun as I had never listened to it before and forgot to change the speed. So as the vocals came in I was convinced satan was singing lead. Hospital Music was awesome and I felt was the best transfer of the bunch. It's my favourite Matt Good record already but I have a new found love for it after hearing it on vinyl. I was hearing things I had never heard before especially on Champions of Nothing. Also to confirm I also have the skip duri
  5. Those are awesome! Where did you pick those up?
  6. Loved the third episode with the lizard man. Always was a fan of the comedy x files episodes. That scully shop scene was priceless.Home Again was good and felt like an old x file though was sad to see Mrs.Scully go. Really enjoying the series revival so far. Will be interesting to see what happens in the last 2 episodes and whether they will continue with more episodes.
  7. Second episode was definitely better than the first. Though I find that to usually be the case with the MOTW compared to mytharc episodes. Also felt Gillian Andersons performance was a lot better tonight, felt more Scully like.
  8. Cant say I hate any particular song but never really cared for most of LOTGA.
  9. Changes over time. Used to be Last Parade, but Cloudbusting is now a contender for sure.
  10. Tonight was just wow! This was only my second show but I thought it was incredible. It was quite a touching moment when he mentioned the events that took place in Paris tonight. Advertising on Police Cars was even better then I thought it was going to be. Wasn't sure how Cloudbusting would be without Holly's vocals but it was excellent. Really enjoyed when he jumped down off the stage right in front of me and walked through the crowd. Almost considering going again tomorrow.
  11. Just got my tickets for next Friday in Vancouver. 2nd time seeing Matt. Really excited for Advertising on Police Cars. It should be excellent.
  12. It will be interesting to see what he chooses to do in relation to the invasion angle. Also hoping the Lone Gunmen make a reappearance. Although I think they died later on in the series.
  13. Excited to hear that the reboot is official. Especially with most of the old cast coming back. I'm curious to see what the format of the 6 episodes will be. Whether they will be all main story mythology or inter-sped with one off, monster of the week stuff.
  14. Thats so cool to have those experiences. I'd love to meet any of them just for a minute. So far my favourite episodes would have to be Ice, Quagmire,Detour, and E.B.E. There is basically too many favourites to name. I was born in the 90s and my mother was a huge fan, and I always remember the theme song freaking me out as a kid. Finally I started watching the series from the beginning and have loved the journey so far. I always love finding out other people like the show makes me feel a little less alone. I've heard conflicting things from some of my friends and I hear the mythology kind of go
  15. Best concert Ive ever been to was probably Bruce Springsteen at Rogers Arena. Played for 3 hours, got the whole building moving and really looked like he was having fun out there. His performance of Racing In The Street was magical and probably the greatest single performance I ever got to see. But in terms of a pure show, ive seen KISS twice and both times they have blown me away. And best show for a lineup I got to see was Blink 182 with MCR,Rancid and Against Me.
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