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  1. Not in any way trying to dismiss this—but I was totally thinking about Aerosmith the other night. The book 'Walk This Way' is, in my opinion, one of the best 'rock' bios ever written, and man oh man is there some debauchery in there (on par with Motley Crue's 'The DIrt'). I suspect that if all those woman from the 70's were younger (and thus, more present on social media), I could totally see there being hundreds (if not thousands) calling for Aerosmith to be 'cancelled,' citing how they were used and abused by the toxic twins. Obviously, it's not 1978 anymore, but it's important to remember that while Matt is a far cry from the sensative choirboy that many of us imagined him to be (I know that I did), he's in a very, very large club.
  2. Looks like the webstore is no longer up and running...
  3. For anyone who’s interested, there is a new Reddit page (r/mattgood) that has all the info (including other accusations).
  4. Matt just posted a response. So now we have a classic ‘he said/she said’ not sure what I think, but Uglyredhonda is right: no one is under any obligation to work with Matt—that’s just how capitalism works.
  5. Yeah man, I'm not gonna argue semantics with you, but if you think that a 40 yo dude getting with an 18/19/20 year old girl is 'fine,' (my definition of 'borderline underage' btw), then we just don't see the world the same way and should just agree to disagree.
  6. All of this talk about serial killers and terroists aside, this whole thing really boils down to 'are you comfortable listening to the music of someone who has done dispicable things?" Obviously, as with most things in life, all of this is subjective—we don't have all the 'facts,' and everyone has a different definition of 'dispicable,' so this is a tough, especially considering that we are all here becase we are obviously fans. As for me, I'm still not sure how I feel. I do know this—preying on underage (or borderline) underage girls crosses a line for me. I have three sisters, and the older brother in me gets pretty miffed when I read some of what these woman have to say. Learning about similar behavior from other artists and actors (Kevin Spacey anyone?) has really made it hard for me to enjoy their art, and I suspect that this will be the same. It's a shame, but this all boils down to business—whether or not a crime was committed, Matt is in the business of 'selling' his art, and his image has a whole lot to do with that. RIght now, that image has taken a huge hit, and regardless of what he does or does not say, regardless of how cool or uncool it was for his private business to be aired in public, I'm probably never gonna think of him the same way.
  7. Man, I couldn't have said any of this better myself. I was a HUGE Ryan Adams fan as well, and went through a similar series of thoughts as you after listening to a podcast with Mandy Moore where she dove into their issues a bit. All of what you wrote is well saiod, but that last paragraph really sums up everything I'm feeling.
  8. That’s a point I hadn’t considered—very well said.
  9. Honestly, I don't see that email as any sort of deal-breaker...especially if the relationship was 'concensual' as the poster stated. My issue with this whole thing is this: so she posts this email from Matt, but we aren't privy to the emails that led up to it. Again, citing myself as an example, if someone took my final jab in any of the heated exchanges I've had over the years and shared it out of context, I promise you I would come across as a douche—maybe I was, maybe I wasn't. But I'd at least want anyone judging me to have the context of the conversation that led to that point. Additionally, I don't think it's right to share personal emails like this, as it places the accused in a 'damned if they do, damned if they don't' perdicament. That all being said...If Matt crossed the line in any criminal sort of way, then charges should be filed (and I will probably never listen to his music again)...but if the only thing he's guilty of is being a narcissitic womanizer, well, I guess he's getting what he deserved but it's not a 'dealbreaker' for me as a fan. Unfortunately, I fear that it will be a long time (if ever) before any of us knows the truth.
  10. I've seen the IG post, but there's multiple references to an email...what am I missing?
  11. Ughhhh...so torn on this. But...this is where I come down on it. Before I say anything more, I want to hear his take. Above and beyond being an artist I respect, Matt is a human being, and I will afford him the same respect I would anyone else in my life. I have three sisters who have all gotten divorced, and while I stood by all of them, I held my tongue until I fully understood what was going on. In the heat of the moment, in the wake of a broken relationship, emotions run high, and I shudder to think what some of my ex-girlfriends would have said about me immediately following a breakup had they had a national platform to do so. I'm not a bad person, and I have a wife and family that I love dearly, but I will be the first to admit that I have been careless and messed up...and while I judge myself to be a pretty stand-up guy, who the hell knows what others would say? This isn't a pass...this isn't me saying 'I stand with Matt,' this is just me taking a time out and wanting to hear more before I say something I will regret.
  12. I'm still on a massive Emily St. John-Mandel kick. For fans of forward-thinking, post-apocalyptic sci-fi, 'Station Eleven' is an obvious choice, but having read her entire catalog now, I can definitely say that all of her work is worth checking out. My favorite author of the past decade by a country mile.
  13. My wife and I watched it this weekend. In general, I enjoy Nolan's films, but this was a bit of a 'miss' for me—it's definitely worth watching, but I fear he got a little caught up in the set-pieces and forgot to actually flesh out the story.
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