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  1. Yeah, it sucks to get screwed out of fees, but we should all remember that Matt, who makes his living playing these shows, is the one who really got screwed here. I hope he's doing well...as a struggeling artist (with a dayjob) myself, I can't even imagine what must be going through his mind. Dude dropped one of his best albums and then the bottom fell out...his grace in the wake of all that has been an inspiration to say the least.
  2. Just wanted to say a quick 'thanks!' for keeping this place up and running—it's very appreciated!
  3. Marc, I hosted a 'somewhat' successful podcast for a few years, and since the other host decided to take a hiatus, I've been looking for something to fill that gap. I'd be interested in co-hosting, and I am adept at audio editing. I'm not sure if that is what you're looking for, but if you are, shoot me a P.M. James
  4. I've spun it a few times...all in all, very satisfied with this release. Gore was a step down for me (just sooooo compressed), so this is thankfully a bit easier on the ears.
  5. Wow, beyond impressed. I gotta ask, are you a freelance artist? And if so, do you have a website? I am going to be in need of both a book cover and an album cover in the next few months, and I'd love to go through an indie-artist!
  6. No, I think there's just not a lot of people here in general. I, for one, enjou the Daniel Craig Bond films and am very excited for this!
  7. We live in the Cleveland area—which, as far as football goes, well, yeah....
  8. We've had a couple of 'close calls' where I work, but thus far, I only know one person (my aunt) who has tested positive. Thankfully, Ohio was ahead of the curve in regards to reaction in a lot of ways, and while it sucked at the time, in retrospect, a 2-month closure looks prudent to say the least.
  9. Williammunny11


    This is incredibly well-stated—I couldn't agree more.
  10. Grrr...I had to miss this on account of a last-minute commitment. Thanks for all the feedback everyone...I hope he does more of these...hoenstly, if he did one every two weeks, maybe just to focus on a specific album, I would so be down.
  11. Honestly, if not for my wonderful wife and child, I'd probably be there right now.
  12. This is amazing...thanks for posting!
  13. Man, I can't wait for this to come to 'on demand'!
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