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  1. I dig the concept of a lyric video in that it really refines the focus of the song, bringing it back to some select imagery and the lyrics themselves. Don't get me wrong, a big-budget video (a la Strange Days) can have the same effect, but in a world where Youtube rules all, a lyric video is a good way to keep your content out there in the public eye.
  2. Couldn’t play it.... an mp3 would probably be much more browser friendly.
  3. Yeah, this is a tough one...and one that unfortunately is becoming more and more prevalent. I feel like it's one of those things that you just have to decide for yourself. The Lost Prophets guy (not that I'm a fan of that band) did something so horrible that I would literally never listen to their music again, regardless of how much I liked them. Where there is murkiness (like with the guy from Swans) and he said/she said between adults, that is more grey to me and thus harder to immediately take a position against. And for me that might just be the line. Allen and Polanski committed acts against children. I will never watch a film from either of those guys for that reason. I guess it's just case by case. But, with that being said, if someone commits an act against a child, they have lost me as a fan forever and ever. It's almost scary to think about what all we don't know about those we admire from afar. I suspect that in the world of film and music there are probably more than few people I look up to and consider myself a fan of that are utterly horrible people. But, until I know, I guess it's something I just try to not think about. Good topic for discussion.
  4. This sums up my thoughts exactly. The show completely lost me.
  5. You wage some very good points, and I’d be lying if I said there weren’t performance quirks here and there (I’m a drummer and guitarist) that I didn’t notice from time to time with records I like.... but I’d be hard pressed to say that a drum performance can make or break a record for me..... for me, it begins and ends with songs. And irregardless, given that 99% of Matt’s audience probably doesn’t play drums, I wouldn’t be surprised if the addition or subtraction of drum fills is way down on the list of priorities when he’s making a record. Same with the lead work. There’s a million and one ways to dress up a song, but if the lyrics and melody don’t work, then what’s left? Maybe that’s why I gravitate more towards Matt’s work and less towards instrumentally focused music (dream theater, etc). Different strokes for different folks, but I feel like this album is among Matt’s best, and the ‘songs’ themselves are the main reason for that.
  6. Thanks for the reply’s everyone. I totally forgot about Crash Karna, I’ll need to revisit that as I don’t remember caring for it but I can’t remember why. I’ll try to wade through some of the OLP stuff per the suggestions here. Thanks again!
  7. As a fan of the first 4 OLP albums who essentially lost track of them, anyone care to give a 'cliff's notes' version of their output since? Anything worth checking out? And why did Turner leave the fold?
  8. I will echo some others here in that I had never thought of that but now that you mention it I think there are some definite similarities...I LOVE the Deftones, but I have always thought "Change" was one of their weaker songs; this observation has me appreciating it in a different light:)
  9. I have also had incredibly emotional reactions to “Los Alamos”..... I can’t really explain it, but it stirs a potent combination of memories in me every time I hear it.
  10. I was a huge fan of the original Descent as well...nothing takes me back to those long, hot summer afternoons where I'd sit in front of the computer with a fan blowing on me while I gazed into my CRT screen! If I remember correctly, Descent 2 was the first CD-Rom I ever purchased.
  11. That's a great point...I never understood what Costner was thinking...I assume it was something he started filming with and then eventually dropped...perhaps due to the film being shot non-sequentially that's why it comes and goes?
  12. I agree.... the older I get, the way less tolerant of inclement weather I become.
  13. I regret sleeping in his solo career for the first few albums. Matt fell off my radar until hospital music.... wish I had been there for the whole ride.
  14. Well said. The more I think about it, every band I can think of used fade outs so I’m not really sure what my point was! Lol I think I just never really noticed them. I was surprised that so many people commented on it here bc I would never have thought about it otherwise. (Attention to detail has never been A strength of mine).
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