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  1. I so agree. I love the variety of sounds that MG's albums have provided us, but it sounds like this next record is gonna be one I come back to often.
  2. Very interesting read. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Arya Stark for the win. I LOVE her 'faceless man' arch.
  4. A Kind Of Magic is in my top-5 Queen albums.
  5. I'm very interested to see where they take Season 3 as well. The second season, in a lot of ways, provided some closure to a lot of the loose threads from Season 1. That being said, there are so many different directions they can go in now. maintaining the balance of paying homage to all those classic sci-fi elements without becoming derivative will be the true challenge I suspect.
  6. I think that's part of the genius of Stranger Things - the show has both depth and accessibility; a true cross-over.
  7. As much as I dig the solo acoustic show format, I would love to see him do a 'one-off' show, filmed and whatnot, with all the works. Full band, orchestra...all of it. In that formant, a song like Rabbits (which is in my personal top 5) would really shine I think. My god, I would pay a serious chunk of change to hear Non Populus performed with an orchestra.
  8. This was, without a doubt, the best sci-fi show I've seen in the last few years. Very sad it ended, but as Crusader pointed out, they did at least give it a somewhat satisfying conclusion.
  9. Man, I LOVE me some Big Wreck. Albatross is near perfect, Ghosts is a gem, and Grace Street, despite its unevenness, I still very much enjoyed. I dig this new song, but it is squashed and compressed to hell. I hope that this whole album doesn't sound like this.
  10. I tried to get into this last album, but it just did nothing for me. Even with Billy and James, the record felt less like a SP album and more like a Billy Corgan solo release. Here's hoping that they continue to record together though.
  11. I dig the concept of a lyric video in that it really refines the focus of the song, bringing it back to some select imagery and the lyrics themselves. Don't get me wrong, a big-budget video (a la Strange Days) can have the same effect, but in a world where Youtube rules all, a lyric video is a good way to keep your content out there in the public eye.
  12. Couldn’t play it.... an mp3 would probably be much more browser friendly.
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