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  1. the idea of matt being done with music makes my stomach feel like its eating itself....i don't really like modern music and don't know where i'll turn if i can't look forward to new matt good!! oh my god! well... i guess it's one of those unsolvable things right now--he was ready to walk away when MGB broke up...but he didn't...he may be ready to walk away form being a "professional" musician...but you know...he may release little things here and there?? i don't know....ugh this whole business has got my brain doing somersaults.... i really hope this isn't the last we've seen...even if we have to wait....i'm willing to wait...damn i wonder if the acoustic tour is out of the question...i was getting my hopes up...
  2. It was in the first manifesto. Get with the times. do you have a copy of the manifestoos? if so could i potentially get those form you?? i have at last htere's nothing left to say but i don't think it has all of them...??? let meknow i am mucho interested....
  3. i checked it today as well and it IS gone....aah! it was so good. He was being all 'angsty' and poetic (i guess is the word)...manifesto-like...i really appreciate those aspects of his rantings...i wonder what made him do it this time?
  4. well i completely understand his desire to keep it private... it is just unfortunate that some people won't get to be a part of it...this is the extent of my protest...what makes one fan more eligible than the next... is there criteia? if so how do i go about meeting it? i dunno. There are lots of us who have innocent intentions and who may not even comment at all on the blog but just want to keep ourselves updated....should i feel guilty if i sneak a peek here and there?? ;)
  5. hey guy who said "you're not invited" do you mean me? i don't understand why it is that only a 'select few special people' get access to this blog. what makes anyone here more worthy of the blog than anyone else. we're all matt good fans probably to reasonably the same degree. Lets not discriminate here people. don't be irrational and think that you somehow 'deserve' it more....unless you're his brother or cousin or somehting and he specifically asked you to visit...in which case i apologize for my ignorance and agree that you have more right than myself....
  6. that would definitely be huge exciting if he did an acoustic tour--i would follow him to a couple cities if i could....obviously ottawa (where i'm from) and montreal and maybe any othe rneighbouring cities he'd be appearing in...man...if he ever pleayed suburbia again i would cry so much....i love that song more than anything...obviously...its my signature thing.....oh i really hope he goes through with it--there have been rumours right?
  7. yeah...i just wonder cause i paint and most of the time i think my paintings are crap...but there are those ones that are cool and that im proud of...so i look at them and enjoy them....i wonder if he has that...but its true that one is one's own worst critic...too bad if he doesn't listen to his music--man he doesn't know what he's missing...
  8. Has anyone else ever wondered if Matt listens to any of his older music. Like, do you think he ever just sits back and listens to Beautiful Midnight--its such a good CD--or any of them for that matter. I wonder if he appreciates his own work... ...hmmm...
  9. It frightens me really the way everyone is sounding like this is it....the end....i really hope its not... Anyways, Matt, if you read this at all then I guess I just want to say that you're a source of inspiration for a LOT of people. Just look at this site. Its a place for people to gather and discuss their thoughts, form opinions, relationships and encourage eachother to become more aware (and i speak of only THIS site...I'm sure there are more) And its all in your honour. Maybe it seems meager in the face of recent events (the Mblog stuff--which i feel stupid not knowing much about)but there are people who really look up to and respect you. I'm one of them. I'm sure there are others who agree with me. I've been "hard-core", if you will, since Underdogs was released. I don't think I could have invested this much time into the average musician... I may only speak for myself but, I think of your blog as giving a voice to all those people who recognize the absurdity of our current world. Sure there are those who disagree, but there are also those who agree, but haven't the means (or aren't sure of the means) to voice their opinions on a grander scale. I hope you recognize that. YOU AREN'T ALONE! (And i think a few people have mentioned likewise). This isn't an appeal to bring it back, but more of a side-note that it wasn't for naught. I think it's important for you to know that even though you haven't a clue who we are, and you may not understand why we care so much about YOUR future (whether it be in music or other forms of communication with the public), the fact remains that there will be a lot of people with that sinking, empty-stomach feeling if we're forced to say goodbye...it's just too finite for someone who we hold to have infinite potential No good-byes yet? Please? Have fun in Europe! Keep us all posted!
  10. yeah about the whole matt as a manslut deal....i remember one of the first things i heard about him back in the day was that he was "one of those rockers" if you know what i mean....i remember this because i secretly hoped i'd be one of those lucky girls.....but only in secret....confronted with the situation i would've run with my tail between my legs....but thats beside the point i met him once...i'm a dork and got him to sign a sketch i drew of him on the bus from ottawa to the montreal show i wasn't supposed to meet him, in fact. He was doing a pre-concert soundcheck/meet and greet and i didn't win the contest to see him...but Alex (a girl called catastrophe) did....i got mad and jealous and didn't want to go anymore...but eventually we agreed i would just give her something for him to sign.... anyways i guess she made the security guy feel bad cuz he told me while i was waiting alone outside that i could come in!!! i cried a bit and lost feeling in my legs when i first realized what i was in for...when the time came though i was pretty composed...except for the fact that the first thing i said to him was "holy shit"....however, +it was all kind of forced and unnatural as far as I'm concerned....it sort of builds up as a big ordeal and you kind of become all stupid...i think i'd like to just find him randomly after a show and have an "actual" conversation....not just "hi. nice picture. enjoy the show"...but hey...i cant complain
  11. i dunno i liked it the first time i heard it...i love that "her thumb's on the one and she's dialed 91" line...so good...anyways--its new and different but really i dont have any complaints...its all coming from the same guy so its all Good...haha i'm not funny....
  12. oh god i hope that was a joke! ;) mine changes...but usually its suburbia on the 'desire to listen to at this very moment' meter....the most important one for me, though, is apparitions
  13. i was worried at first about a possible yoko ono/gwyneth paltrow effect(maybe not breaking up the band since we've seen that with MGB already...but more of a 'gonna steal all your time and have babies so you can't write music anymore' effect) my fear is starting to die though...especially with the new jack pillow head stuff!! BRILLIANT!
  14. i think it would be 'the inescapable us' for me its not really my favorite or anything...but its the one i could listen to forever and never get bored of.... i think thats contradictory....but it makes sense to me
  15. i remember when that movie with mandi moore and matthew good came out...i was at my friend's house and from the other room, i hear the tv go "and starring newcomer matthew good" i almost pissed myself when i thought of matt good and mandi moore in a movie together...?!
  16. i don't think that city of millions and empty road are the same song though....city of millions was really really slow...empty road has a BIT of an upbeatness to it...at the montreal sound check it sounded different at least...but who knows
  17. oh man so good SOOOO good!!!! i can't wait for more i really hope this turns into something more....serious potential is stirring up wow....
  18. there's a few of them... "i close my mouth now and i scream" -->it gives me chills actually....the whole At Last There's Nothing Left to Sayis like one big long quote that's awesome... this one is for you Alex: "crazy is a good word today..." ;) there are more but i'm too tired to think of them now
  19. i hate decsions like this...they're always so impossible! i'm gonna go with apparitions...it holds way too much sentimental value to be won over....
  20. oh man i can't WAIT!! I wonder who he's gonna recruit to be a part of it...anyone we know?? i.e. will rich still be around for it? i hope so...he's so cute...;)
  21. yeah...about this band thing....what does it mean for rich??? ;)
  22. hey man (dookas??)...i'm not trying to start anything or be one sided....i'm just defending someone who's not here to defend himself...i'm glad you're a fan and i'm glad you're educated but really...you came off pretty harsh there...i'm sure we can all appreciate the need for a little constructive criticism once in a while (if that's what you were aiming for)...but i think you may not have been very "open-minded" yourself......PLUSquote you:"I'm not criticizing about him personally, I'm criticizing the way he presents himself."...you commented on his love-life buddy...i'm sorry...but it sounds to me like that may be a little bit personal...i dunno but that doesn't sound to me like a very 'educated' thing to say....
  23. oh great...another complaint about matt good...haven't we heard enough? "matt good's lyrics suck now" "oh he is so self righteous" "he's too opinionated" bla bla bla...i'm sure we've heard it all...give the man a break for christ's sake...first of all, who made you so high and mighty that you felt you could just waltz in here and shoot your mouth off?(to a MATT GOOD FANSITE...HELLO??...what about the words MATT GOOD FANSITE don't you understand???? don't like it? no one's stopping you from leaving) second of all, now i'm gonna go out on a limb here, but i think being educated about the world and human rights is just a LITTLE bit more worthwhile than being a whiny lowlife with nothing better to do than to complain about a website...but who am i to judge...seriously though... couldn't you have come up with something more substancial to complain about...
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