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  1. Spooky vocal effect on this one.
  2. I think the best song on Avalanche is While We Were Hunting Rabbits.
  3. Is that the name of the song or the "band"? And I can't remember if this was a part of "Crisis Airlines". Thanks!
  4. I think this is the most informative and thoughtful post in here. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
  5. Actually then I think I have heard it. Wasn't that the electronica demo?
  6. Haven't heard of anything out there. I think he wrote 16 songs for the album though, so one was rejected. Moving Walls really is a grower. It's denser than his past couple of releases. And one of his longest. And who expected the french song to be one of the best on the album? Hope we get another album someday. I liked those three "Crisis Airlines" songs he put out last year. I'm hoping if he decided to do something more with Daylight Actual that it's just tweaked, and stays instrumental. It's lovely and moody.
  7. I guess whatever project(s) he was working on is scrapped or put on indefinite hold. And I'm betting he can't do the live streams now.
  8. Having read some more of the accusations, I see how mistreated these women feel. There is no excuse for such behaviour. I still wish there was a better way to deal with this, but obviously there has been conern for a long time and now the chickens have come home to roost. Maybe he'll get his shit together? But it seems like entrenched personality traits exacerbated by mental illness. Always a shame when someone so creative is bereft of similar ingenuity in his personal life, and others pay for it in terrible ways. I feel sad for the ladies who thought they were getting to know a ma
  9. So the guy deserves to lose his career because of some accusations that haven't even been proven in a court of law?
  10. Let me be clear that such a relationship isn't anything I'd be up for. I'm just saying as long as it's consensual. I'm almost 41 and have two sisters still in their 20s. It wouldn't seem right for me to date anyone younger than they are. But then again, who knows what the future holds, and as long as the person isn't underage. Semantics do matter though. Context, nuance, etc.
  11. What does "borderline underage" mean anyway? An 18-year old is an 18-year old. But yes, it is a shame what some people get up to in their private lives. I'm still shocked by Bill Cosby. His jokes are still funny though. But yes, like any crooked lawyer or politician, you cannot completely separate the personal from the professional.
  12. I've occasionally thought that he has used his illness as an excuse. But not specifically having bipolar disorder doesn't allow me to not consider that it's part of his disease, the disconnect between his emotions and his actions. I use hyperbole to make a clear point that, yes, we should wait for his response to further understand his part in these issues. A rush to judgement, however tantalizing, isn't useful.
  13. Like I said, I don't know the whole story. But I always get nervous when I see what appears to be a pile on, regardless of who's in the wrong. It will be interesting to see how all of this rolls out. My point obviously is terrible people of all echelons also can do helpful things. Doesn't take away from the need for consequences though. I guess I'm just a guy who likes to think about all sides of an issue, regardless of how distasteful it may seem to others who are presently solely focused on a single framework.
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