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  1. I bet it won't be released until 2020.
  2. Thanks for posting this!
  3. Thanks for posting these videos!
  4. gweeps

    RIP Marcella

    I didn't know of her until now. But it's sad to read about her untimely death.
  5. gweeps

    Tour: 2018

    Any show auds available? Too bad he's not putting up various soundboard versions like what was done back in 2013.
  6. gweeps

    Tour: 2018

    No Kingston date? Would have been nice to catch them.
  7. The magic still exists, it's just now we know there is machinery behind it. I prefer mystery over illusion anyway.
  8. That'a a great interpretation of the "suit made of old lighters and magazines" line. I thought it was literal, but metaphor sounds more likely.
  9. Yeah, I feel some of the songs are muted in the sense that you'd expect a falsetto here or a soaring guitar solo there and they just don't appear. Maybe it fits the album's theme? But the interesting thing is I'm finding hooks elsewhere beyond the typical means.
  10. I dunno, but it was cool to see.
  11. Bullets in a Briefcase is my current favourite song on the album. The organ reminds me of something from Last of the Ghetto Astronauts/Underdogs actually.
  12. "The world is a strange place, quiet like bullets in a briefcase. Why do I feel like I'm in the wrong place? Quiet, like bullets in a briefcase."
  13. I'm pretty sure it's 'lighters'.
  14. Maybe 'something like a storm' is like a tempest in a teapot for Matt? We're all panicking about what we've always panicked about?
  15. I love Prime Time Deliverance. The first MGB song I heard was in 1998 with the music video for Apparitions.
  16. gweeps

    Best of Last

    Too bad there's nothing from Arrows of Desire. Love that album.
  17. Maybe it's "They buried me in a suit made of old lattice"? http://www.tfd.com/lattice
  18. Too bad it wasn't 'old adders'. Would be a sweet take on a snakeskin suit.
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