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  1. It's too bad the logistics don't seem to be there. Seems like it would be easy and profitable. Capture the audio in good quality, split and tag the songs, put them in a folder and host it for a while at varying rates for file quality. Obviously though, he'd have to sell a bunch to pay the hosting costs. Then the label may need a cut. Etc etc. Oh well.
  2. gweeps


    Extremists are usually a vocal minority. In my experience, most people are fair-minded, if not often unsure and afraid - hesitant - of how to apply such ideas on a larger scale. This is especially true if people remain atomized. Like the blatant concentration of wealth and power by a few, in all strata of human interaction, extremism is just another monopolized bad idea.
  3. Mutineering is still my favourite Matt solo song. I interpret it as being about dealing with mental illness.
  4. The Vancouver bonus live acoustic songs for iTunes Canada are: A Silent Army in the Trees Black Helicopter 99% of Us is Failure
  5. https://www.matthewgood.org/crisis-airlines
  6. I love Parts. He took the best part (ha ha) from that earlier demo for this one. Love the mellotron.
  7. No worries. I've been a MG fan for over 20 years.
  8. A Momentary Truth reminds me of Born Losers. I wonder if it's a sequel?
  9. Dreading It is currently my favourite. It has a real emotional thrust to it.
  10. Even though the songs have sonic weight, this new album has a subdued, meditative nature to it. Maybe it's the absence of electric guitars and more orchestration? Lumiere noire is a fine example of how quietly lush Moving Walls really is. Whispers inside a snowstorm.
  11. Thanks. I've bought the CD now, so I can listen for myself. I was just curious because no one had mentioned it yet.
  12. Jesus. All I asked was folks' opinion of a unique song in his catalogue.
  13. I haven't heard the album yet. And it's a first for him I believe. If I'm not going to be able to understand the lyric, it'd be nice at least for the song to be memorable.
  14. He can and from what I've heard, he has. Unfortunately a consideration may be that it doesn't feasibly help pay the bills. And he probably wouldn't want to just tour as he'd probably feel like a nostalgia act.
  15. Hope the move goes well. It's always stressful. I haven't bought the new album yet. I'm waiting for the CD to come in at a local shop.
  16. I wish more folks would judge a new album based on how it fits with the rest of the canon. You can't really appreciate it otherwise e.g. if you only like early Beatles you can't truly understand their creativity.
  17. The song feels like it should have a long outro.
  18. I bet it won't be released until 2020.
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